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Scotsman model SCN60 ice maker After cleaning I rinsed the

Customer Question

Scotsman model SCN60 ice maker
After cleaning I rinsed the bin with a gallon of hot water to melt the ice that had been made during cleaning process. Now there is water in the bin and it is not draining. How do you drain the bin so ice can start making again? Do you have to power on the machine before it will drain?
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: HVAC
Expert:  shaithus1 replied 1 year ago.

Hi.. let me see if I can help... if your unit is a gravity drain then your drain should be clear on the bin... able to drain at all times.. so what can happen is some debris gets caught in the piping...clogging the drain.. its a pain...but you can go to home depot and get a tool.. this tool accepts CO2 cartridges. It has a hose with a tapered rubber stopper on the end... you would hold that stopper in the drain tightly to create a seal... and pull the trigger on the cartridge holder... CO2 is forced under pressure through your drain and it usually blows whatever is the clog... out...

However.. if your unit has a pump motor on the drain... it should automatically come on a pump the water out... the manual indicates that when you first buy and install the machine... after installation of power and drain connection.. you should pour a couple of quarts of water into the bin.. the drain pump should kick on and pump it out.... we need to determine if yours is gravity drained or pump out...if it is pump out... then there might be an issue with the pressure switch.

look on the back of the unit and determine that your drain line from the unit to the drain is not kinked or there isnt an obvious clog in the tubing to the drain... there is an access panel on the back of the unit... your drain tubing comes out at the back right bottom... once you remove that cover... if your unit is gravity drained... then you will see the drain coming down from the bin going into a 90 degree fitting and out through the back... it wouldn't take much to clog that 90 degree fitting... uf you see the drain connected to a pump.. then we need to see about the sensor..

investigate and let me know what you find so I can help further..

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