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I have a scotsman cme1056as-32h and get a solid red light on

Customer Question

Hi. I have a scotsman cme1056as-32h and get a solid red light on water about every 3 hours. Any ideas ?
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: HVAC
Expert:  shaithus1 replied 1 year ago.

Hi... let me see if I can help... a solid red light on the water... indicates the unit is starved for water... ie not getting enough of it... so.. the first thing to check is the water filters... they may be clogged or due for a change out... next... there should be a water pressure meter on you filter system... on the guage should be a dial with a red needle... turn that needle to where the water pressure needle is.... then reset the machine.. per the instructions from the manual... then observe the unit... if it shuts down and you see that the needle has moved to a low point on the guage... then your supply has dropped... if this is a commercial location... then it may be because of heavy water use in the building... or water supply may not be correct into the building... you could have a water inlet valve with debris clogging the screen... let me know what you find..


To Manually Reset the machine.

1. Remove the front panel.

2. Locate the AutoIQ Controller. If a red

diagnostic light is glowing, note which one

and its blink rate. Then push and release

the off button.

3. Push and release the Freeze button.

4. The machine should begin to operate. If

there is a lack of water it will soon shut off


5. Return the front panel to its normal


If the machine shuts down again, call for