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My compressor is running but when its hot outside its

Customer Question

My compressor is running but when its hot outside its running continuesly to reach the set temp of 78 degree
Called the tech, he said that the pressure is too low where it is supposed to be 100 psi and too high where it is supposed to be 70 psi. he says the compressor is going bad,
That was 2days ago but just now outside unit started making loud noise while runnin so I turned my thermostat off and took the red metal plug oui on the outside wall y the unit
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: HVAC
Expert:  joeydelia replied 1 year ago.

If your condenser coils are dirty or damaged this will cause the unit to struggle when it's hot and run higher than normal pressures. The tech will attempt to install a TXV valve in attic on your evaporator coils rated for 410a problem is warranty! When you mis match brands and capacities old coils on new condensers you may run into a problem with warranty on the condenser unit. The proper way to change out your unit would be replace both evaporator and condenser and flush line set or if it's not the proper size capacity replace the line set also

Expert:  joeydelia replied 1 year ago.

Also mixing r22 oils with new 410a Poe oils will cause problems as the don't mix well can cause oil to thicken up and wax up inside the system there will be residual r22 mineral oil in evaporator coils and lineset so even if it was feasible to retro fit a unit the existing evaporator a extensive flushing will be needed. It's really not a good idea to mix r22 equipment with 410a equipment