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I have a Ducane model HP10B42 the unit attached to the

Customer Question

I have a Ducane model HP10B42 the unit attached to the ceiling in the garage is leaking water....... a service man from Keith Lawson Co came and vacuumed out the line from the outside.......had SOME algae he said....also checked the freeon... which he
said was fine... this was two days ago.....I now have a bout one gallon of water on the floor of the garage as it is still dripping.......the water had covered the hood of my car....and went through a car wash ,,,didn't daughter used car stuff
and washed it twice and the whole hood is terrible ...can't get it off...... I am 87 years do I stop the 12 year old unit which is cooling the house just stop putting all that water in the garage....first time this has happened......
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: HVAC
Expert:  Phil replied 2 years ago.


The technician should have removed the cooling coil access panel on the unit hanging in the garage and physically cleaned the cooling coil and the drip pan under it... instead he opted to merely suck the clump of debris, that was blocking the drain out with a vacuum cleaner. or worse blow it back into the drain pan with air pressure... that is a very temporary fix at best.

If you want me to locate a more reputable company for you, tell me which direction you are from the center of the nearest city and I will get you a short list.


Regarding the damage to hood of your car.

It could be the slime mold that has caused the problem.

For that problem I would buy a can of 'rubbing compound' from an auto supply store and use the pad that comes in the can to rub out the affected area.

Then re-wax the hood.

We can go from there.


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Congratulations on making to 87 in such fine shape! I am 74, I consider 87 quite a feat.

congratulations on making it 87! I am 74..I consider 87 quite a feat.