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I have a 22 year old boiler that works fine but has ssing

Customer Question

I have a 22 year old boiler that works fine but has hissing noise after it cycles off.
I suspect it is mineral deposit build up the pressure is good the temps is good but it makes this hissing noise in the lower back of the unit when it shuts down.
Should I be concerned with it or can it be successfully flush out to clean deposits or would I be opening a can of worms by doing so on a 20 plus year unit.
I do plan on replacing it soon but I would like to get one more heating season out of it.
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: HVAC
Expert:  Rick replied 2 years ago.

It's difficult to diagnose a problem based solely on a description of a noise. But if you don't see any water on the floor there's a good chance what you're hearing is mineral deposits. You can flush out the boiler (see link below) but mineral deposits are more of a nuisance than a functional problem. Given the age of the boiler I'd leave it alone unless it becomes a real nuisance.