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Failed Carrier Condenser Compressor - repair? replace? I

Customer Question

Failed Carrier Condenser Compressor - repair? replace? I have a Carrier 38tkb048350 unit that stopped working. Fan spins, compressor does not kick in. Upon opened front panel there was oil stains coming out the side of the compressor, seemingly where the
3 conductor electrical plug connects. I unplugged it and one of the legs is melted. It's over 8 years old. I don't know how old, I'd guess 13. The p/n on the compressor is srd480hc01 (Scroll technologies) Inside of the house I have Trane 2txcc049ac3hcaa on
Top of a Trane xr80 dd1c120a9541a furnace. Both were installed in 2006. My local HVAC guy is trying to push me to replace both the external Carrier condenser unit and the internal Trane coil. He claims the R22 it uses is being phased out, etc etc etc I'd like
another opinion. -Should I consider replacing just the compressor? -Or should I consider replacing the entire condenser? if so, can you help me choose a proper match to my indoor coil? He's suggesting a Goodman gcs13-048 or a Trane 2ttb3048a1000c/n? Are they
a match for my indoor coil? The Trane part seems to be a contractor model...??? -Or should I be replacing both the condenser and coil with a new matched set? If so, what will that get me? Will it cool better?
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: HVAC
Expert:  HVAC Guru replied 2 years ago.

Replace the whole unit and he is right R-22 is being phased out. Often if that has happened to the compressor the burned oil likely contaminated the system and if you do not replace everything you can have issues if the system is not flushed. Replace the units with a matched set and I like Goodman units, I personally own that. For the cost and reliability I would say a Goodman R-22 unit is the way to go!

All I ask is please rate my service before leaving you can then come back to me directly anytime for free followup questions.

Customer: replied 2 years ago.
He wants $8,000 for a matched set or $4,000 for just the condenser. That's why I asked what model trade condenser would be compatible with my existing trane coil. Are you able to assist with that?I'm confused my your answer, are you recommending a goodman r22 system? I thought r22 was being phases out?
Expert:  HVAC Guru replied 2 years ago.

Yes even though they are trying to phase it out, it is far more reliable that the other systems, further they tried it once and brought it back and I believe the same will happen again. Over 85% of the market is R-22 units...not easy to phase out. He wants 8000? you need another bid. What size units?*****too high.

Customer: replied 2 years ago.
The sizes are 4tons. I'm sorry but I listed the specific model numbers because I wanted someone who could look these up and provide a specific recommendation. I would prefer if you pass this on to someone else.