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Our American Legion Post purchased a Hoshizaki model

Customer Question

Our American Legion Post purchased a Hoshizaki model KML-451MAH less than a year ago.
Serial number is ***** During this period the machine has quit producing ice an average of once a month. And, until the technician comes to clean it it will not operate. Our technician tells us this machine does not have a automatic cleaning feature so it must be cleaned manually on a monthly basis. We supply the machine with filtered tap water. It seems odd to us that a company that is such a large producer of ice machines would produce a commercial model that requires this much maintenance. Do you have any idea of why we would have this problem?
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: HVAC
Expert:  shaithus1 replied 2 years ago.

Hi.. let me see if I can help...

First, what is being is the technician finding mold when he goes to clean it..? Is he just cleaning the condenser or the plates and the interior of the unit? Where is this unit located.. ie.. in the kitchen, in a bar area, a hallway. out doors etc.

When you initially had the issue and contacted Hoshi, what did their technical support tell you. This unit under warranty and Hoshi, should be able to give you all the reasons why your particular machine may or may not be working as it should. In your manual you will see on page 33 how often and what type of maintenance should be conducted. Page 34 gives you instructions on cleaning the unit.

Does your unit run constantly you stated this was at a Legion post ( I am one), do you leave it on when no one is there or does it get shut down between meetings..? if it does, there is a procedure to follow for that and if not followed that could cause problems.. I'm assuming it is on constantly as restaurant would be on. No where else in the owners manual does it indicate your type of issue.

Let me be clear on your situation. Is the ice being used constantly during the day?.. if not... when the unit is full of ice and just sits there...some melts...if enough melts the machine will make more... but if the machine sits left alone for long periods of time, mold will grow in the unit.

I have looked through my service manual and What are the symptoms you get when the machine quits? There are LEDs and alarm noises to give indication of what is going on as the machine operates or fails. If you can give me that information, I might be able to give you an idea from the manual.

Let me know. I look forward to hearing from you.

Hoshis number is ***** two three three 1nine4zero