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I've used one of your posts to get me to a good point in

Customer Question

I've used one of your posts to get me to a good point in repairing my Payne furnace model number PG8UAA066111. Now I'm stuck. Back story.....kept blowing fuses, so I kept replacing cause I couldn't find the issue. Ended up frying the transformer by using a fuse that was 7.5 instead of 3, just grabbed the wrong one. My fault. I replaced the transformer with a universal and used the black and white wires to hook up the 120 v and I an getting about 11 v out of each side independently and 27 across them. I have those 24v supply wires hooked back up to the board, I hope the right way since he colors were different on the new one. I disconnected all 24v wires, added a new three amp fuse, depressed the door switch and started installing wires back on the board. Nothing blew the fuse until I touched the red (R) to its terminal and it blew. So awesome right there's a short in that wire. Can't find an issue with the wire anywhere. So I use the extra blue wire in the bundle and switch it up at the thermostat, come down and depress the switch, touch the blue wire to the r terminal and pop goes the fuse. Is my board fried? Is that where I'm getting the short?
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: HVAC
Expert:  Phil replied 1 year ago.
These sorts of situations are not solved without understanding the circuits. In this case due to the many trials and shorts, that is going to be difficult to say the least.
Not affordable on my end,
I can opt out and we can see if any of the other experts here want to pick your question up. That is a real long shot however.
I can also submit an additional services request to cover the hours I will most likely have to spend with you to get this sorted out, you are free to accept it or not...or opt me out.