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I have a Heil HVAC EBP4800B2 in a upright position, that is

Customer Question

Hello I have a Heil HVAC EBP4800B2 in a upright position, that is leaking somehow, but I am unable to isolate the exact cause of the leak. Its not a clogged drain trap. Somehow water is being diverted from going into the collection pan area and leaking to what would be under the front left corner of the pan, right behind where all the mini front panel wires and hoses go in, which makes it hard to see behind. The insulation on that mini panel was soaking wet, so I removed the insulation. I thought it might be that the insulation was touching the copper coils and siphoning it over, but that alone did not solve the problem. The trap was not capped so I think that the air suction was also causing water to splash up, so I capped it. There still seems to be a small leak. Water can be seen where the collection pan is clipped on by a metal bracket holding it to the unit in the front left side. That is where is water is first noticeable to be coming out, and where it is dripping into the open air area underneath. I am wondering if there is something I could do like caulk the inside of make some sort of barrier to keep water from getting out. I am concerned about what kind of caulk or materials would be safe to use, considering how hot it can get inside when on heating mode.
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: HVAC
Expert:  Patrick553 replied 1 year ago.

You could have a leak in the drain pan from a small crack use a regular silicon caulk or "pan patch". Please make sure pan is dry and unit off for curing. Additionally please make sure drain has only a single trap. You can confirm by making sure the line is draining outside with the unit running. Lastly please confirm there is no restriction in the supply air that would cause the unit to be starved for air and create pressure inside the unit. Look for things such as plugged filter debris on the coil furniture in front of return air grill or collapsed ductwork.

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Hi Patrick, thanks for your reply. I was able to stop the leaking. It seemed to be a combination of little things like a goldberg experiment. There was a J shaped metal hose that a friend told me was for drainage if the HVAC was on its side, but in this case is not. That seemed to have been dripping water on the inside of the HVAC wall and seeping down the crack between the wall and the drain pan. The other issue was that not having the trap capped was causing air to blow in and blow dripping water and water from the drain pan out. There was also a piece of insulation that was touching a pipe and siphoning off water and collecting splashed water as well. There was also a very tiny drip coming from the tap drain not being tight.
By removing the metal J shaped piece, and taping all the holes to block airflow from the front, removing the small piece of insulation, degreasing the drain pan just for good measure, and tightening and taping the trap, it seems to have cured the problem. I think that the biggest problem was coming in and blowing water where it shouldn't be. Thanks for your good advice, and have a nice day.