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Water furnace a/c working fine until yesterday. Now noticed

Customer Question

Water furnace a/c working fine until yesterday. Now noticed no water flowing. No cool air!
Fan & thermostat seem to be working fine. When I set temp on thermostat, fan kicks up to high like normal but I don't hear/feel water flowing thru inlet/outlet (open loop). Also tried heat mode and same fan reaction but no flow. Any idea? FYI: Split second power outage Friday night - enough to reset satellite receivers but not clocks.
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: HVAC
Expert:  Phil replied 2 years ago.


Please hold your rating until we get the problem solved, it will most iikely take more than a few tests... meantime please tell me a lot about your technical skills set and ability to use a multi meter.

I need to know about how old the system is and a bit of its history.

we can go from there.

So far it sounds like the open loop pump is not running, or inlet line strainer is clogged, if the open loop pump is not running it could be due to damage to the printed circuit board caused by the power outage.

Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Tech skills with multimeter are minimum. I have access to one because I own/operate an auto repair shop. I have a high aptitude for mechanical repairs - but experience only in auto field. The system is about 5 years old & has worked very well all along except for an outlet pipe freeze up this past winter on an extremely cold night. Used propane backup system for about a month until thaw - per advice of professional service tech - and the system has worked fine since.
Expert:  Phil replied 2 years ago.
I should be able to coach you through this.
Can you hear the compressor inside the heat pump come on? Does the ground water pump come on?
If not, and the fan comes on, we know there is 24volt control power, but that the unit might be off on its manual reset high pressure cut out switch... or... a bad printed circuit card is not sending power to the pump and compressor controls.
Remove the heat pump service panel, and look for the wiring diagram glued to the inside of it... take a very clear, close up, well focused picture of it, taken from straight on, in good light... and attach it here usine the 'attach files' link at the bottom left of your reply box.
I will mark that up with test instructions etc.
We can go from there.