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Brian HVAC Guy
Brian HVAC Guy, HVAC Technician
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Experience:  I have been an HVAC/R mechanic/technician for 30+ years.
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58rav with 4ton ac, what is the replacement motor and

Customer Question

58rav with 4ton ac, what is the replacement motor and capacitor
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: HVAC
Expert:  Brian HVAC Guy replied 2 years ago.

Hi I'm Brian and I'm here to help!

If you're talking about the furnace's blower motor, I will need the FULL model number of the furnace to get the info you need. The 58RAV could have a 1/5, 1/3 or 3/4 horsepower motor. The model should look something like this: 58CAV070-161-12 Which would be a 70k gas furnace with a 1200 cfm 1/3 hp 4 speed motor.

If you can get me that full model number I will get you the info directly.



Expert:  Brian HVAC Guy replied 2 years ago.

However, judging from the size of your ac unit, I can make an educated guess that your furnace is a -16 model providing 1600 cfm airflow. If that's the case Click Here for an OEM motor, Click Here for the Capacitor for it OR Click Here and Here for an aftermarket motor and capacitor for it. The OEM motor is quite expensive and is nothing special so an aftermarket motor will work fine if you are comfortable matching different color wires, which I can help you with. The capacitor is the same for both.

Let me know if you're furnace model number ends in something other than -16 and I will look up the correct motor and cap for the different model.

Please reply if you have further questions about this. Otherwise, please remember to rate positively (3 stars or better) before you leave! Bonuses are welcome and very appreciated!

Thank you,

Expert:  Brian HVAC Guy replied 2 years ago.

Sorry if my response above didn't have the links right when you first looked at it. When I first edited my response, I lost the links. They are now working right and link to the correct parts for the -16 furnace.


Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Thanks for the info Brian, I was hoping not to have to take the panel off the unit in the attic until I was ready to install the motor. Stupid thing has no type of id on the outside
Expert:  Brian HVAC Guy replied 2 years ago.

Yeah, that's unfortunate that they put the data plate on the inside of furnaces. I never really understood why they do that since all air handling units have it on the outside of the cabinet!