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My window unit, approximately 10,000 btus, has been running

Customer Question

My window unit, approximately 10,000 btus, has been running steadily since May or June - meaning, I have not turned it off. It's been cool in the house for the first time. When I came home for work last night I could hear water dripping. I checked under the unit and it was wet & the foam under the unit was soaked. I placed paper towels & wrung then out every 1.5 hours or so. When I went to bed I kept the paper towels in placed but added a towel, which is now damp in parts & soaked in others. What is happening & how do I fix it? P.S. I'm an old codger & I have no mechanical skills. It's a Panasonic, Model CW-XC184HU. Much obliged.
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: HVAC
Expert:  Rick replied 2 years ago.
Air conditioners pull humidity out of the air as they cool. The moisture in the warmer air in the house condenses on the cooler AC coil. This condensation collect in the bottom of the AC unit and should drain out a drain hole in the bottom part of the case that's outdoors. If the unit is level or even tilted slightly towards the living space the water can wind up in the house (like you describe) instead of draining outdoors where it should. See if you can tilt the unit so it slopes towards the outside. This usually means pulling the bottom closer towards the window sill since the position of the top of the unit is set where the window sash is. You might also check to be sure the hole in the bottom of the (outside) case isn't clogged up

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