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Experts. I am really frustrated right now, and I need

Customer Question

Hello Experts.
I am really frustrated right now, and I need some professional feedback on what my options are. Hopefully someone who is familiar with Oregon contractor law can give me an answer on this.
We contracted Mountain Air systems in November of last year to replace out furnace, heat pump, and to replace some ductwork.
The work went reasonably well until March, when I called in to city hall and was told that no permits had been pulled for the work. I had mentioned pulling permits at least 10 times over the course of the job, so that was a surprise to me.
I subsequently went to city hall myself, after drawing up plans post-hoc on my own, and scheduled the inspections. There were some issues with the work. I addressed it myself - even though they had promised me to help with the mandated 1” clearance from duct to ground, they decided not to help me with that. I myself went to home depot and bought a bunch of 1” wooden pedestal squares, shoved them under the ductwork where possible. I rescheduled the final inspection and begged the inspector to let it through and he did, and that was that. 7 months after the project began, and about 3 months after it finished, the work was permitted, due entirely to my own legwork.
Now, of course, we are having issues with the heat pump. It is leaking. We only started using it in May, and now twice already it has stopped working and they have had to refill it with refrigerant. Where is that refrigerant going? Isn’t that a toxic hazard/issue? Shouldn’t we be replacing the unit by now? Is it normal to have 2 service calls in barely 2 months?
At this point I am wondering what my options are. City Hall told me to report these guys to the Oregon contractors board. Is there any way to file for damages somehow so I can get a registered Carrier dealer to come out and take a look?
Another thing is that they told me they were Carrier dealers, but they don’t show up under the Carrier dealer search. So what’s that about?
My wife just spoke to them on the phone, and they apologized that “one out of 50 new units has issues like this, we are sorry it had to be you”. Is that true at all?
We were gone this weekend for the service call so my mother in law was here to let them in. He apparently said he ran out of hydrogen. Hydrogen? Do people really call refrigerant hydrogen? And who shows up for a service call, where the month prior we had run out of refrigerant and they had been forced to come back because they hadn’t brought enough, and AGAIN runs out of refrigerant?
Any advice is appreciated. I just feel completely taken advantage of and I just don’t feel like I can trust these guys to do a decent job anymore. Mostly I’m wondering what kind of legal action I can take. What is the burden of proof for filing a claim against their bond? And is there a law against letting refrigerant leak like that?
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: HVAC
Expert:  airheatman replied 2 years ago.
Hello. My name is ***** ***** I'll do my best to help. Let's get started and see what we can do.I am in Alabama but I will do my best to help you.
1. The contractor is normally required by law to pull the permit,
2. Work must be performed in accordance with both state and local codes.
3.Contractor probably knew the work would not meet codes is why permit was not pulled.
4.They, not you should have been forced to correct the issues.
5.As for the refrigerant leaks, it is not uncommon as our government has us under trade agreement with China to purchase raw materials and the copper tubing we are importing totally sucks when used on these high pressure systems.
6.Contractor needs to find and repair these leaks before first year is up because most manufacturers only offer1 year leak warranty due to this inferior copper we are getting.
7.If they can recharge to get you through that first year, expenses are going to fallon you after that.
8.Every contractor is governed by state HVAC board .I will try to find you contact info.
9. My recommendations are as follows:
A.File a complaint with HVAC Board
B.Contact a Carrier Distributor in your area to verify they are indeed Carrier dealers and let them pknow whatis happening.
If you ca provide zip code will help i getting distributor contact info.
Expert:  airheatman replied 2 years ago.
Below is the information for filing a complaint with the state board. HVAC falls under Construction Contractors Board as Specialty Contractors. See these links:
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
hi thanks this is the zip code: 97520
Expert:  airheatman replied 2 years ago.
To find who the Carrier distributor there is, you can call one of their dealers from link below:
You can also contact Carrier Warranty at:
Carrier Corporation, Consumer Relations, P.O. Box 4808, Syracuse, New York 13221, Phone 1-***-***-****