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In my house there is a Trane MCD048DBP0AA concealed AC unit,

Customer Question

In my house there is a Trane MCD048DBP0AA concealed AC unit, manufactured in 2008. I had just one control unit on the hallway for 2 rooms, that provided the same temperature settings for all the areas (hallway and 2 rooms).

I brought in a contractor to install individual controls for the new rooms. The old touch control unit was a greenish Honeywell, the new ones are blue Honeywells. Right now the new controls for temperature work in each room and the AC is delivering different temperatures. The new controls cannot turn the AC on or off.

The problem is that I have to always leave AC on, from the old control, on the hallway, otherwise the new controls cannot operate. I'm not happy with having to leave the AC on and needing to get out of the room to start or stop it.

The contractor says this is the normal way it works, because it is an old AC and it cannot be controlled individually from all 3 controllers. He insists we need one control unit for On/Off and hallways temperature settings and 2 other control units just for temperature in each room.

I find it hard to believe and I'm looking for a solution to have independent controls in all 3 areas. Can you please advise on what is the solution and what I should ask my contractor to do? Thank you.

Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: HVAC
Expert:  Heath.M replied 2 years ago.
Hello my name is ***** ***** will be my pleasure to assist you. There is a tz or total zone control system that can operate designated areas of the home from different thermostats. It involves installing dampers and actuators to open and close different areas of the home to reach the desired thermostat setting. It can be done with one of these systems. There is some duct modifications that need to be done to install dampers and a static relief damper.