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We recently bought an 8,000 BTV wynter portableair conditioner

Customer Question

We recently bought an 8,000 BTV wynter portableair conditioner and installed according to directions. It is putting out cold air but the end of the room where the conditioner is located is hotter--you feel the heat change as you cross the room. I put a thermometer in across the room from the air conditioner and the temperature was 80 but on a table behind the air conditioner next to the window where it vents it was 89. There does not appear to be any hot air coming from around the exhaust hose - could it be the heat that it is generating outside the window and what can I do. We have sealed good around the window where it exhaust. Desperate in Charlotte in 100 degree temperature.
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: HVAC
Expert:  Phil replied 2 years ago.
Hello,The basic issue with these units is that they *exhaust air out of the room*... that sounds great, but for every cubic foot of air they blow out, they must suck outside air in to replace it. The unit then has to handle that humid outside air... so that the net cooling capacity is well below the rated cold air output... believe it or not. So that this unit would likely be sufficient for a 150 to 200 square foot space in most areas of the country, especially less humid areas. but in Charlotte it will be hard pressed on that size room, if the room is much larger than that it will not provide much relief at all. An ordinary window unit will work a lot better, since it does not exhaust air from the room.. Tell me how large the room is and how much south or west facing glass you have and Ill give you an idea of what size window unit will cool the space below 75F on a 90F day.We can go from there.--------------