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Category: HVAC
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I just installed a new rheem heat pump with electric heat backup 3

Customer Question

i just installed a new rheem heat pump with electric heat backup
3 ton rheem heat pump mo# ***** low voltage Y- D- B- R- C
var. speed air handler mo. # ***** LOW VOLTAGE R- Y- W1- G- BL- CBRN
in staller said i need a 6 wire thermostat ??????????
so can you tell me what kind of thermostat i would need for 6 wires. my old unit had the round dial
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: HVAC
Expert:  Phil replied 2 years ago.
Honeywell and others others offer a wide range of 6 to 8 wire thermostats, with features such a wireless access from you cell phone anywhere in the world, to voice control and large colorful screens that you can post your own pictures to. Price range from $100 or so to $700.
I am a skin flint myself, I prefer the least expensive models with the least frills, easy to program with great factory support.
Let me know which direction you want to go on this and I will select a thermostat for you and tell you where you can buy it on line.
We might be able to get it down to 5 wires, in that case however you will still have to pull new thermostat wire, so you might as well pull 6 or 8 conductor wire, that will give a few spares or, full capability if you ever need or want it.
All this is because these are programmable, the C wire is a pair with the red wire that provides the complete 24volt circuit to power the thermostats programming functions.
We can go from there. If I take a few hours getting back to you it will be because I am at the dentists. Let me know if that is OK with you or if you would like me to opt out please.