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I have a nordyne G4RA gas furnace. Is there a way to reset

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I have a nordyne G4RA gas furnace. Is there a way to reset or temporarily bypass the flame rollout switch?

Wvfan79 :

Hello there! I'm Norman but you can call me Norm. Let's see what I can do to get you some answers today. I'm ready to get started whenever you are.

Wvfan79 :

Hope you are doing well today.

Wvfan79 :

I believe you will find on your model furnace that the roll-out switch will have two blue wires. If it is reset-able there will be a button you can push on the back to reset. If not you can jump the two wires together while unplugged from the switch to bypass.

Wvfan79 :

Just be sure the jumper or wires don't bump the furnace housing or anything else inside.

Wvfan79 :

Also, do not leave the roll-out jumped. You don't run to run the furnace for a long period of time this way.

Customer: Couldn't find a reset... Tried using a jumper...kept it away from metal surfaces like you suggest. Stopped test run once ignitor energized. Didn't feel confident running furnace with wires jumped...beyond testing for a different outcome.
Wvfan79 :

What is the flash code you are getting on the furnace control board LED light?

Wvfan79 :

How many flashes?

Wvfan79 :

You can let it run for a cycle, it won't hurt anything. Sit back and watch it. I'm saying don't let it run all day or overnight with it jumped.

Wvfan79 :

See if it fires up and runs with the jumper in.

Customer: More than 10 flashes.... If i continue holding the cover switch in, the flashes will probably never stop :)
Wvfan79 :

A continuous flash is for False Flame or Gas Valve Relay Shorted

Wvfan79 :

Try it with the jumper in again and let it run. See what happens please.

Customer: the ignitor glowed but i got a bit skittish at that point. I'll keep going further and see if i get flame too. Te blowers are all functioning ok.
Wvfan79 :

Ok, thanks

Customer: be right back.
Wvfan79 :

You'll be fine.

Customer: Thanks for the reassurance, nice to know from someone who's done it before. just ran it to flame with jumper installed and all ok.
Customer: thanks for your help. Really appreciate it !!!!
Wvfan79 :

Ok, good possibility that the roll-out is bad. You can get a new one at any local hvac parts supplier or I can help you find one online. Buying online will take longer to make the repair but I don't mind helping locate one.

Wvfan79 :

Now if you replace the roll-out and the problem returns you will then know you have a more serious issue. If the flame is rolling out of the burner box you would need to have an expert check out the gas pressures, inducer operation, etc.

Customer: I have a local hvac supplier that's on my way to work. I usually pick up a new ignitor there every couple years.
Customer: yah, copy on the expert analysis if problem persists. Original problem was
Wvfan79 :

Nice. Make sure to take the old one with you. See if he can get you a reset-able replacement instead of the one you have.

Customer: blower running but no heat
Wvfan79 :


Customer: a rest would be nice to have, thanks
Wvfan79 :

Not a problem.

Wvfan79 :

Excellent! Should you find you are satisfied with my assistance please remember to rate your experience so that I am credited with providing you outstanding customer service. Ratings lower than 3 are negative. Please do not hesitate to reply if you have questions or comments. I'm very glad I could help you! If you ever need help in the future please bookmark my personal link and visit me again. I'd be glad to help.

Customer: It's really awesome to have assistance for a fee that comes without someone trying to sell me a new system instead of helping fix something simple. Thanks again. I'll make sure i leave great feedback
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