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I have a Coleman Presidential Evcon III. I can"t get the pilot

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I have a Coleman Presidential Evcon III. I can"t get the pilot light lit. Yes, I waited the dictated 10 minutes in the off position, the thermostat is on, in the lowest temp setting, yes, the light switch next to the furnace is up/on, and yes, i cleaned out the pilot light oraface. It's clean, round, can see light thru it.

It doesn't appear that when i push the "pilot" switch down to give gas to the pilot tube that anything happens. no gas sound, no gas smell, no making my flame from my match waver. Also, i have gas to the connection from the main line. and yes, the main-line valve works.

Hello. My name is XXXXX XXXXX I'll do my best to help. Troubleshooting often requires meters and test equipment. Let's get started and see what we can do.I would start by turning power off to the furnace.Then remove the pilot tube where it connects to the gas valve. Then press down on the button and see if you get any gas out of the valve. Often the pilot tube itself will stop up with carbon buildup. We can go from here.
If you have already cleaned the pilot tube and you are sure you have gas to the valve, but do not get anything out when depressing the pilot button button.You will most likely need to replace the gas valve.
Customer: replied 3 years ago.
I have gas to the valve, if the furnace is physically disconnected from the line, at the juncture where it attaches to the pilot light control module. The gas appears {main line} to go into that module, it has settings for "reset" "pilot" "on" or "off."
The instructions on the furnace {I'm not sure if you're familliar with colemans} state that if the pilot goes out, it must be returned to the off position, and you MUST wait 10 minutes before reattempting to light it. Last season, even with the help of a trained propane person at the house, we had a heck of a time trying to get it to light.
Some of the issues...
1. There seemed to be a breeze in the furnace, continually blowing out the flame on our match.
2. The flame, even when lit, was weak and billowy.

The furnace pilot blew out sometime this summer, and I did not notice. Yes, when all this happened, I went up on the roof, dissassembled the pipes, and there was no blockage. When trying to relight, it seems there is no gas even coming out of the pilot aperature.
Again, I dissassembled it, cleaned/cleared the aperature, checked/cleaned the tube, no blocks. Reassembled, it still seems like the control module the gas comes into, and controls the pilot and main burner isn't allowing gas through to the pilot tube.
My guesses are broken control, or somehow the control is telling the furnace it's in a "unsafe" condition for firing up.

I'm wondering how I test this, or if this is a replaceable part that wears out. I'm also wondering what type of conditions the furnace would read as being "unsafe" and how I can check/correct them. Finally, I'm also wondering why the pilot last year wuld be burning so weakly, and, if clean, why it wouldn't light.
I'm on propane, and this is a modular home.

You should be able to get gas to come out of the pilot tube by depressing the valve and setting to the pilot position. All safeties would be in the circuit to prevent the main valve from opening but not the pilot.

Customer: replied 3 years ago.
Thanks, XXXXX XXXXX at work, when I get off, and get home, I'll unscrew the pilot tube from the side of the module and see if gas comes out. {Where it should be directed to the pilot light.}
I'll get back to you with results. How long do I have before my "session" expires? Am I charged extra if this runs to 15 replys and takes 2 days?

You are not charged any extra no matter how long we work on the question.It will stay open until you leave a rating or we decide we can not help.Lets unscrew that tube and hold the knob in position that gas should come out. Make sure power is off and of course do not keep holding down for a long period if gas comes out as we do not want to blow anything up. This is just to see if the valve will send gas out. .You can come back to question anytime and we will continue.

Customer: replied 3 years ago.
Tube unscrewed, nothing comes out on "pilot" setting, with the lever pushed in. It does pass gas {furnace humor} when I push the lever all the way left to the "set" position. Large volume.
Excellent now that is what it should do. Reconnect that pilot line and hold all the way to SET position and we should be able to get pilot to light.Keep in mind we must keep it in the set position held down until the thermocouple heats up. Thermocouple should stick well into the flame. When thermocouple starts to glow, about 5 minutes, you should be able to release and move it to the pilot position. It should stay lit. At that point we should be able to move lever over to On and pilot should stay burning. If not lets clean the thermocouple with sand paper to remove any carbon buildup. We will go from here.
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Customer: replied 3 years ago.
You are a God-send!

Absolutely NO WHERE online or on the furnace does it say to preheat a thermocouple. No where does it say that the thermocouple has to be "well into" the flame.

I followed your instructions, fed the thermocouple in just a few centimeters further, held down the "set" button, lit the flame, waited about 2minutes for it to heat up, and when I flipped the switch back to pilot, it stayed liton it's own.

Mind you, this is nothing like the instructions on the furnace say...

Having bought a hud home, there was no manual. You really helped out!

Also, I turned the pilot {adjusted it} down a bit. There's a screw on the metal gas module housing that's stamped "pilot adj." So it isn't som gigantic flame. I've cycled it on and off a few times and it stays lit.

Again, it was going to cost me 89$ for a guy to come out just for "assessment" plus parts and labor... and I'm betting he woulda found "something that needs replacing." You just saved me hundreds, and, more importantly, helped me keep my kids warm.

For the record, I thought this service was probably a scam when I first gave you guys my credit card number. I am not some sort of paid advertisement either. I'm a sceptic. You guys can feel free to use this note online to let peple know you have a satisfied, if not impressed customer.

Thanks again!