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Steve G.
Steve G., Handyman
Category: HVAC
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Need efficient space heater. Can you recommend one?

Customer Question

I looking really efficient space heater... Can you recommend one type-- Quartz, etc?
Submitted: 3 years ago.
Category: HVAC
Expert:  Steve G. replied 3 years ago.

Welcome to JustAnswer. I have over 30 years of electrical and electronic training, repair and installation experience. I will try and answer your question accurately and precisely so that we can get you on your way. big is your 'space'? The one you want to heat?

Please let me know so that we can continue.

Customer: replied 3 years ago.
! Thank you so much! I live in an old bungalow which
My landlord has not really insulated... I put plastic on windows every winter, and have used just small
Electric space heaters that look like an old stove . I am hoping that a more efficient one will heat better and be more coat effective. The main heating I. The house is oil which gets pricey.
The living room is about 15x 15. Dining room adjoins it and is about the same. I have. A dealing I use bedroom, so it is those two rooms that are my prary concern
Expert:  Steve G. replied 3 years ago.

Ok. So the thing you need to know about electric heaters is that we have the laws of physics at play and the laws of physics say that if you use a Kw of electricity hour, you get about 3400btus of heat. It doesn't matter how you do this, one watt will result in that much heat.

So, any heater that has elements, or ceramics, or oil will produce the same amount of heat from the same amount of electricity.

What you also need to know is that you want about 10 watts per square foot. So, 15x15 room (225 sq ft) you would ideally need 2250 watts of heater.

You can't buy portables that big but a 1500 will keep the room warm. I like the Dr Infrared heaters like >>>THIS ONE<<< The price is about right and it is a well made unit with good reviews.

Keep in mind that running one on high is going to cost you about 20 cents an hour.

I'll be here if you need further help with this issue. Please let me know.