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Hi, I have a AE60 EA1500 HV1.5 air exchanger that I have not

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Hi, I have a AE60 EA1500 HV1.5 air exchanger that I have not used yet. (we just bought the home). It appears brand new and is very clean. When I turn on the wall switch the green lights (not the filter light) flash on and off. And the unit clicks over and over (like a switch trying to flick). If needed I Will call a service tech, but was wondering if I am just missing something (nothing related in the manual).


I don't think you are missing anything. If the controls are in any position other than "off", the fan should operate. If you have a home warranty with your new house, I would make a claim ASAP. Otherwise if you have basic electrical tools and skills, you could try to troubleshoot the unit. Chances are it's either the controller, how it's wired, or the fan. You might also want to take a look at the ducts and outside air intake / exhaust to look for leaks and blockage.


Here is a link to the owner's manual:

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Hi Fergus, I am wondering how the Venmar unit is working out for you. Let me know if there is any other question you may have. Thanks!