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I have a warehouse that I need to ventilate. I already have

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I have a warehouse that I need to ventilate. I already have two 1600cfm fans pulling air out in the back. What are my best options for the front so I can pull more air through the warehouse?

Where is the make up air coming from?

Vents, louvers or a makeup air unit?


Customer: replied 3 years ago.
The make up air is currently coming from a vent at the front of the warehouse. I was looking to put an industrial fan in the front to pull in about 3900 cfm's. Is that a better option than just adding more outtake vents in the back?
This all depends on the use of the building.

Some buildings require positive pressure, some require negative.

The next issue is whether the air has to be treated...example: winter temp of 10 f...we just caant pull in below freezing air.

Tell me the following:

amount of people in area being ventilated.
any air quality concerns from fumes?
is it storage or production?
sq ft of building/area


Customer: replied 3 years ago.
The air inside our warehouse is over 90 degrees. We park 3 ice cream trucks inside that have 4 compressors each. Now, with all of those compressors humming, we walk into the depot everyday and the temperature is significantly higher inside than it is outside. I would assume we would want to have positive flow to try and pull more air from the outside and pump the warmer air out of the back. The vents in the back are also higher than where the vent in the front is located. It's Texas and it's hot. We need to figure out how to have a cooler temperature at night so the compressors aren't being taxed as much.
Thank you,

I would add the equivalent supply air as you have mentioned as a possibilty.

I would install the industrial intake....and run the intake and exhaust.

You can also wire as such that intake and exhaust run at the same time.

Obviously we want input on end of warehouse and exhaust at other

Customer: replied 3 years ago.
I looked online at the intake fans and they require a shutter and screen assembly that opens when the fan is on. Is this just a glorified version of screen and a vent cover? My motive being, I don't want to pay $300 for a shutter and screen that I can just install a more perminant one that doesn open for much cheaper.
The shutters/screens are climate accessories.

One again theory being if there is a temp you do not want introduced.

With your climate you have a choice.

The screen of course is for bugs, birds etc...the louvers are your choice as to application. You can get motorized dampers or just weighted that open with air flow...or in your case a fixed louver since you dont have to worry about bringing in snow...

Customer: replied 3 years ago.
Ok. Yes bugs are the main concern. The fixed screen won't effect the intake of cfm's?
Only if allowed to get plugged.

This is a routine maintenace item that must be added to maintenance program.

Once the equipment is installed check it at a minimum of every 90 days for belts, vibration, oiling if applicable and clean intake screens.

If the screen gets plugged it will surely decrease the cfm.

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