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R.G., HVAC Technician
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Experience:  20 yrs. experience as HVAC technician, state certified contractor.
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How do you run cool only indoor unit of a Senville 24000 BTU

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How do you run cool only indoor unit of a Senville 24000 BTU Leto Series
to a disconnect switch?

R G : Hi, I am R. G., sorry you're having trouble today, I will do my best to assist you in resolving you're issue.
R G : Normally 220v outlets are only installed for appliances such as stoves, driers, AC. Unless there was an AC or other appliance in your home that has been removed you wouldn't have any extra 220v plugs
R G : The technician could install a disconnect switch or outlet, both serve the same purpose, a means to remove power from unit.

There is a 220v outlet in the basement where a washer and dryer were used The washer


There is a 220v outlet in the basement which is not being used Could I connect the power

R G : You coud connect power there if unit is installed close enough, is this iit going to be used in basement or up stairs?

There is a 220 v outlet in the basement which is not being used Could I use it?with the a/c

R G : As long as the outlet is rated for enough amps it would power the AC, but if your AC has back up heat strips installed that outlet probably isn't rated high enough for the AC

This a/c unit is to be used upstairs in the living room How about a 220v a/c extension cord?

R G : Looking at manual it doesn't have heat strips so that outlet should be rated high enough.

Where is the power cord situated in this Senville 24000 Leto indoor unit?inside the unit?

R G : Normally they are wired into a disconnect
R G : You could run a cord and make it work but it wouldn't up to code

Does this Senville indoor unit have a 220v power plug to plug into a 220v outlet?


What cord are you referring to?An extension cord-220 v?

R G : No they do not come with a plug attached

My HVAC technician/installer mentioned to me that he must install a disconnect switch

R G : Yes normally you install a disconnect to wire unit to

My HVAC technician/installer says that my breaker is being used and must install disconnect


My HVAC told me it is to be an easy installation


Thank you You have been very helpful

R G : Ok I understand now. Yes if you have no spare breakers he will have to install new disconnect with breaker
R G : Your welcome please remember to rate answer before leaving or let me know if have further questions

It is written 230v 1Phase inside the breaker box

R G : Yes that's correct some label them 220, 230, or 240
R G : The manual on unit lists 230v 1phase. 60 hertz
R G : 12 amps
R G : If plug is basement isn't being used you should be able to use breaker that went to it, but he may be using it for outside unit

The manual says an independent circuit and single outlet must be used

R G : Yes it needs independent circuit, meaning nothing else running off of breaker except unit, I'm looking at manual some split units require a circuit for inside and outside unit some only require one circuit

Are the indoor unit and outdoor compressor unit both connected to the disconnect switch?

R G : If it only needs one circuit he should be able to use breaker that went to unused plug in basement unless it was used for something else
R G : This manual I have is not very specific trying to find out now if you need one circuit for each or if one circuit will feed inside and outside unit
R G : The manual I have only specifies one circuit. 230v 1 phase 60 hertz 12 amps for unit. So he should be able to disconnect abandon plug in basement from breaker and run power from there unless it has already been used for something else
R G : Were the washer and drier relocated in house and new outlet installed or do you just not have them anymore?

The washer and drier were removed by the previous owners at my request The outlet was there when I bought the house

R G : If that's the case he should be able to use space where breaker for drier was and replace breaker if needed without installing new box unless you planning on using that outlet in the future

My installer told me that he is build a new breaker and connect the minisplit a/c


My installer told the current breaker is in used and must build a new breaker next to it


Then the installer says the electrical building wire is to be connected to disconnect switch/breaker Does that make sense?

R G : If that's the case he is correct. Can't say for sure without being there to look.
R G : Yes it sounds like he is telling you right
R G : Only thing I question is the unused outlet where it connects in box

I believe my HVAC installer has thought of every option he has after observing

R G : Sounds like he has

My HVAC installer is an expert and has chosen the best option he has

R G : Yes I believe he has

Could you recommend other options my installer has to make this connection?

R G : If all current breakers are being used he has no other options except to install new box with breaker. Unless he can use a piggyback breaker on a couple of circuits to free up space for another breaker. A piggy back breaker is actuall 2 breakers that use the space of one. But without looking at what you have I couldn't say for sure ifmthismwould work
R G : Sorry for typos. Getting late here

I thank you and I leave it up to my expert HVAC to do a perfect installation

R.G. and other HVAC Specialists are ready to help you