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I have a Ruud A/C, a 3-ton unit, nine years old. The technician

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I have a Ruud A/C, a 3-ton unit, nine years old. The technician found we were low on coolant and thought there was a probably a leak. He did a leak test (with a hand-held device that beeps) and "found leak on meter bar inside evaporator coil". He added some coolant to get us thru the summer, but told us the evaporator coils will have to be replaced because it will continue to leak. He quoted a price of $1,361 to replace the evaporator coils. Should this part break down after nine years? Does it need to be replaced entirely due to a leak?

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I'm sorry you are having trouble with your system. To answer your specific questions, yes, A-coils can start to leak even after as few as nine years. I have replaced leaky ones newer that that. Also, yes, if a coil has a leak, it is not repairable in most cases. The best thing is to replace the whole coil. The price he quoted you seems VERY HIGH! I would definitely get more estimates before proceeding. I typically replace A-coils for around $8-900. The coil itself is only around $3-400. Then there's labor, but it shouldn't take more than a few hours.
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

The outside part of the A/C is also getting noisy, and the technician said that was normal for a 9 year old unit. I'm wondering if we should instead replace the entire Ruud unit with another make which would last longer than 9 years. What is your advice?

Yes, I think that makes sense since your old unit is probably an R22 unit and that has been phased out as of 2009.
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Can you recommend a manufacturer other than Ruud?

There are many good units on the market. Ruud is one of the two brands I install. I also install Comfortmaker and have had much good success with this unit. Now if you ask 10 different technicians, they will give you 10 different manufacturers they think are best. You will pay more for namebrands such as Carrier and Lennox and not necessarily, in my opinion, get any better equipment.
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