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i had a blower cut out on a rootop package unit. motor and

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i had a blower cut out on a rootop package unit. motor and capicitor are good. i know this because i pulled the 2 wires going to the fan off the board and hooked directly to the 2 poles of the contacter. it's operating fine this way, fan comes on whenever there's a call for cool. don't know what happens when it switches over to heat mode in the winter. it has gas for heat. do i need a new board?

MattR757 :

This isn't by chance a York unit? - We've had 3 units in the last 3 weeks with the same issue. The relay on the board that controls the indoor blower is bad and the board would need to be replaced..

MattR757 :

Unfortunately, the blower won't work in heating mode the way you have it wired right now. The board controls blower operation in heating mode without energizing the compressor contactor.

MattR757 :

The Carrier boards are available either directly from your Carrier rep, or you can try searching by board part number to see if there is a generic replacement. The part number should start with 2 letters Usuallk HK###### XXXXX They are almost all made by ICM controls

Customer: that's exactly what i thought. I'll let it ride as-is, until i get some cooler weather. It may be a york unit. There seems to be plenty of them in this area, and they always got problems.
MattR757 :

I haven't found an aftermarket source for York boards yet - Carrier equivalents are everywhere online and in the general supply houses for almost all of their HH and HK boards. I currently have 2 rooftop units running with the blower motor powered by the compressor contactor to bypass the blower board. Their on my list to repair before colder weather hits

MattR757 :

Hope I was helpful - If so don't forget to accept and rate me 3 or better so I get credit for answering... If not, Let me know what I can do to earn your acceptance :)

Customer: I was 90 percenyI rated 5 and clicked submit. Am I done?
Customer: i was 90 percent sure of what I was doing. It's the 1st time I seen a board go bad, so spending a little is just my piece of mind. Let me know I we're all set?
MattR757 :

it still shows as an open question - you just click on "accept" and it closes out

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