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Phil, Mechanical Engineer
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We have a wallmaster a/c. Ws16C30-A serial number abax00-10 it

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We have a wallmaster a/c. Ws16C30-A
serial number

it doens't seem to be cooling our 450 square foot store with 10 foot ceilings.

there is not water coming out of the machine (condensation) like when we first installed it.

any suggestions?

Welcome to Just Answer!

If the unit is cooling to some degree but not condensing water out the back, and if the compressor is running... then there is most likely a refrigerant leak in the system that has to be found and repaired.

If the unit is not cooling the room at all, then the compressor is not running for one of several reasons... one of the electronic control parts went bad,....

OR.... the compressors run capacitor went bad....

Or the compressor burned out.


If the compressor burned out its not worth replacing on a through the wall unit over 2 years old.

The other items are cost effectively repairable compared to the cost of buying a new Friedrich brand unit....

However you can buy one of the less expensive brands new for price of repairs on the Friedrich..

Amana is a good brand,

The Chinese brands can be considered throw away brands by some people but sell for half as much as Amana or GE brands.. and last on average 5 years or longer. You can buy one of those for under $300 that will cool most 500 sq foot sized stores.

If you care to rate this answer *positively I will be able to manually hold the question open for you and discuss the range of options.


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