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How much it will cost to install 5 ton roof top a/c heat pump

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How much it will cost to install 5 ton roof top a/c heat pump unit.

Hello.My name is XXXXX XXXXX I will do my best to help. Let me gather a bit more info. 1.Where do you live geographically( Costs in rural Mississippi will vary tremendously from San Francisco or upstate NY 2. Brand of equipment being quoted 3. SEER rating on equipment 4.All new construction or existing structure? I see Carrire equipment forget about item number 2


Customer: replied 4 years ago.

i am located in elkton, maryland.


brand of equipment is carrier a/c with heat


i dont know about the seer rating on equipment.


person gave me quote for all new construction.


i have a store almost 5000 square feet. so HVAC guy said i would need


20 ton units for the area to cool it off.

I am a bit confused on the tonnage. The quote you received says 2 five tons and one 3 ton( 13 tons). Yet he is saying building need 2o tons,am I reading this right?
Now as a rule of thumb if equipment is standard SEER ratings, you should expect to pay about 2000 to 2500 per ton with ductwork, refrigerant piping, thermostats and all material and labor.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Hey tim..


i already have a one 5 ton roof top carrier unit which is bascially in a working condition so he will not replace that.


so all to gether its 18 ton for the space that i have.


well i guess if i would pay about 2000 per ton then it should be about $26000.


i guess price is not that bad but do i have a any other option that i can

use so my cost would come down and i will have enough equipment to cool down the place?

One thing I might suggest is using Goodman equipment rather than Carrier,The Goodman is a fine unit for the price and carries same warranty as the Carrier. You can go to Goodman's website to locate a dealer there in Maryland.Here is a link: Just enter your zip code. Goodman usually runs about 400 per ton less than Carrier. Just a note to give you an idea, you can check prices on the equipment and then double the costs for your price if having a contractor install. Most of us get about twice the costs of material for the job.There are many formulas used to arrive at the retail costs, but usually come close to twice wholesale cost .This covers labor, overhead and operating costs as well a profit.

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

hey tim


thanks alot for the help. is their a way you would know roughly estimate price for one of the carieer 5 ton unit. its for my knowlege.


and how can i leave a feedbak for you please let me know cause i cant

figure this out.



One 5 ton Carrier system (Equipment only) runs about 3500.00 wholesale. The ductwork, tubing,thermostat,drains etc are another 1500.00 wholesale.That means the contractor pays about 5000 for the equipment and ductwork and other materials. He would then retail it installed for double that (10,000 for 5 tons) 5 x 2000.
Hope this helps.
I will enable the rating button now so if satisfied , please rate accordingly. Thanks again and let me know if I can help further.
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