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Phil, Mechanical Engineer
Category: HVAC
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We have 2 amcor 12000 e/pcmb/12000 eh portable units...when

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We have 2 amcor 12000 e/pcmb/12000 eh portable units...when running they leak water all over the floor . they are only 4 yrs old.
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If you happen to be an experienced mechanic you will most likely be able to take the units apart and look for a clogged tube that runs between the tray at the bottom of the cooling coil..... that tube allows the condensate water to run to a sump where the water is pumped outside with the exhaust air

(models differ slightly but that is the concept)... you can then unclog that tube or pump and restore proper function.

The company unfortunately does not provide repair manuals for those units. Locating all of the right screws to remove in order to access the cooling coil near the front inside the unit, and the condensate pump near the bottom rear of the unit takes some time and practice... if you are careful you can most likely do it in half a day (4 hours)... a shop can most likely do it in 2 hours or less.

If you have a good local appliance repair company near by, one of the few who works on those type units, you can take the units to them and for $150 to $200 per unit they might do that work for you. My description of the cause will be helpful in their decision to work on the units or not.

Both the condensate drain pan, now full of mold and debris, and the tube, and the pump will have to be cleaned out.

Let me know what you think, we can go from there without any time limit as long as you rate my ongoing efforts *positively.

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Thanks for the positive rating!

Both the finned cooling coil and the finned condenser coil should be blown out with compressed air while you have these units in the shop... if you do it yourself it will be difficult to clean the coils properly unless you rent an air compressor.