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no power to aircondioner

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no power to aircondioner

Welcome to Just Answer!.

The first thing to do is to plug a lamp or a vacuum cleaner into the outlet to insure that that there is power to the unit.

If there is power to the outlet I need to know how old the unit is in order to see if it is still in warranty or not.

Note: The bulk of these units are made in Asia and are not economically repairable at US labor rates.. you can spend more in repairs than it costs to buy a new one. This is true somewhat in Australia also, these units and a service network for them is more established in Australia than in North America or the EU.

Along those lines, tell me where you are in the world. and how old the unit is

\We can go from there.


Customer: replied 4 years ago.

bought it last year frm order date7-17-12 used it probably 8 times last year used it 3 times this year 4th did not work spend $500.00 !!!! n shipping was free plz HELP ME already did outlet checks with lights n computer n tv together made sure no water was in drain pan cord coming frm unit looks brand new storage place for winter just rolled into open closet so cord was not bent n nothing could bump it :(

Hello again, you may have 3 days left on the warranty... it is important that you report the problem to Home depot in writting first, then read the warranty in detail... There is about a 20% chance that they might just give you a new one. Its worth a try.

These units are electronic in nature, made in Asia to have as many nice features as possible, and built as cheaply as possible in order to get the price low... that strategy sellls a lot of air conditioners, but leaves the customers in trouble when the warranty runs out.... at US labor rates a minor repair can cost nearly as much as a new unit.

Take the paper work and receipt to Home depot today.. tell me what they tell you in detail, press them a bit... see if there is a local service company that does their warranty work.

We can go from there.


Customer: replied 4 years ago.

wow that's it? ok ill try


If talking t to Home Depot fails, and you are handy working on appliances without a service manual we can give it a try....... ask Home depot to supply a manual also.... or tell youwhere you can get it fixed.

These chinese mfgrs have been pretty poor at providing service manuals and parts... it will not hurt to make Home Depot aware of it.

Then if you are handy I can coach you on locating the water level sensor. cleaning it off with an alcohol schwab will be the first step in trouble shooting it... we can go from there.... it might take a few hours to a day or two, and has a 50% chance of working out well for you....but you do need those skill sets.

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

ok we will try n get back to u phil


good plan
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

ok phil no luck so tell me how to do the water sensor cleaning.... im kind of leaning toward the reset button in cord not working but tell me how to do sensor n if that doesn't work may be I can order a new cord?

Hello again, unfortunately the bulk of these units are made in Asia under a wide variety of American or EU sounding brand names, and those brands do not publish service manuals in about 98% of the cases. There is no service manual I can find for your unit.

These are sold without repair in mind, and very often no available parts in the US or EU.

This is why very very few repair shops will take them in for repairs at anything close to a reasonable price... you and I are in a position of having to proceed without a service manual.

One reason there are no service manuals in English at least, is because labor costs in the US and EU to fix one of these can very often exceed the cost of buying a new unit.

_____ ____________

On units with the removeable bucket the water over flow sensor is reached by removing the bucket and looking just above it for the water sensor rod..

On units without a removeable bucket you have to remove the front and back panels (its not easy to find all the hidden screws and plastic snap catches without a manual.. but if you are handy mechanically and work at it you can figure out how to get to the reservoir area and look for the metal water sensor rod near the top of the reservoir....

( attached to the inside of one of the panels will be a wiring diagram, usually in Chinese...sometimes in Russian or Italian.. that can be helpful at times)

This unfortunately is the situation we are in...


To check the resettable plug, you must access the area inside the unit where the cord attach's and follow that wire to where it connects and use a volt meter to check for 110volts there.

Or.....some people will unplug the cord from the wall.... and then use a razor blade to strip the outer jacket back about 14 inches from the plug... then use the razor blade to scrape bare spots on the wire and check for 110 volts between the black and white wire there. (thats not legal but it is done, I cannot recommend it).

When finished the bare wires can be taped with about 4 laps of electrical tape, then the outer jacket repaired the same way.


Tell me in elaborate detail what the store told you about service for the unit they sold you... and the warranty. Some of us don't take 'no' for an answer very well... tell me what they said in detail. I might be able to coach you from there.

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

they said it was still under the warranty frm manufacturer and they could do nothing about it except give me a number that I already had which I still haven't heard back from and a web site which some how got me to u
and she feels bad for me but that's all she can do


Hello again, thanks for the information.

Go back to the store.... talk to the same lady again, tell her the following

"The manufacturer is not responding, and since they sold the unit to you, you will have the wholesalers number, and can call them, and demand to speak to the manufacturers warranty department (they may not even have a warranty department)... and that you expect them to honor their warranty"

Then continue on....
.".. and as the retailer you should buy only from companies that honor their warranties or it is bad for your business"... then just stand there and don't talk until she says she will take care of it for you.

Then... suggest the following "You can just give me a new unit under warranty and send mine back to the manufacturer and deduct the amount from your account with them since they are refusing to return calls or honor their warranty"

At this point, be firm... just stand there and stare innocently at the lady, and her boss if that person arrives... if they start discussions, just repeat your demand and the words I have typed above... the odds are in the 80 or 90% range they will give in and provide you with a new unit.

Have them write you a note on their letter head that says you have made this warranty claim July 14th, with days remaining on the warranty.

This way the retailer has everything to loose and nothing to gain by giving you a new unit... and the manufacturer does not have to fix the unit which will cost them more than simply giving you a new one... they build these for pennies on the dollar, so it is easier for them to give you a new unit that have a big hassle.... so it will pay you to be firm and look like you are prepaired to camp out at the store until you get this resolved.


Behave the same way, even if they show you some paperwork that says there is only a 90 day warranty on this or that certain range of parts... you might say you 'do not care, there is an implied warranty on all products that they be functional for a reasonable period'... then don't argue with them... just stand there (bring a sandwich with you in case you get hungry)

Let me know how that goes, in detail... we can proceed from there.


Phil and other HVAC Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

NO luck with homedepot but am in contact with manufacturer but still is not working yet


Hello again, insist that they send the store a new unit to replace your unit.... they are not set up to handle repairs in most cases, so these tend to stall and hope the problem goes away.

Keep bothering them and the store until they honor their warranty... i could call them three times a week for a week, then if that fails i would call them once a day.

Its their problem, not yours... you will have to insist they handle it.

Keep me posted on how it goes.


Customer: replied 4 years ago.

ok thanks phil


Stay in touch as necessary.... the Store owes you warranty service if they want to keep their reputation.... ask to speak to the store manager next and be specific on their responsibility in the matter.

The store has nothing to loose by giving you a new unit then withholding payment to the ac manufacturer. The ac manufacturer will agree or risk loosing the huge Home Depot account.


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