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Trying to gauge an estimate for an HVAC install in Austin,

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Trying to gauge an estimate for an HVAC install in Austin, TX. Residential, 2.5 ton, 2 zone. Have an estimate in hand, so can relay many specifics. Current system is breathing its last breaths, so I don't have much time to schedule additional estimates. Thank you.
Hello.My name is XXXXX XXXXX I will do my best to help.Troubleshooting often requires meters and test equipment.Let's get started and see what we can do!Are they replacing the zone system and if so what is model on the zone system. As for the 2.5 ton Lennox system , estimate is probably going to be around 5500 to 6000.00 in Austin.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Thanks Tim for the reply.


Here's just about everything else related to the install bid:


-The zone system will be a new installation, there is not currently one in place


-A new return will be installed on the second floor


-Additional efficiency measures: new ductwork and duct sealing, and attic insulation are being performed as well. These services have been itemized to $2750, which seems high to me. I realize these parts of the job are very site specific, and may not be easy for you to approximate, but a rough guess is appreciated. The house is about 1350 square feet, and two stories, if that helps at all.


-I think those are all of the relevant bits and pieces , please let me know if I can provide any other information.


-Finally, I assume that the estimated numbers you are suggested are BEFORE any government rebates I will be eligible for.


Thank you!



Yes those numbers are prior to rebates. The 2750 sounds pretty good for the zone system and ductwork.Just for good business , I would get a couple mores estimates, but this seems pretty fair.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
Sorry, realize now that I was unclear. That number was just for the ducts and insulation, they're asking another 1500 just for the zone work. Is this at the high end of the "fair" range, or am I just plain overpaying at this point? Thank you, XXXXX XXXXX will be happy to click and finish the conversation after this next response, this has been helpful.

Sorry I got called away.That seems a bit high for just the ductwork.I think I would get at least 2 more estimates. Just remember to get estimates for exact same system and brands, as this can change the entire scenario. Since the first estimate is using Lennox equipment, in fairness you would want to compare with other Lennox dealers. Here is a link where you can enter your zip code and find other Lennox dealers close to you.

Now if you are not set on the Lennox brand, you could also get estimates using Rheem equipment and save several hundred dollars and in my opinion,have as good of equipment.All will carry a 10 year warranty. Here is also a link to Rheem site where you can do same.

(Enter zip code).

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