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How to replace GE Capacitor 97F9895?

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How to replace a GE AC Capacitor 97F9895? The capacitor has 3 terminal locations on top. 1 of the three terminals have 4 wire hookups, 1 has 3 and 1 only has 1 wire hookup - Common (2 Yellow Wires), Fan (Brown Wire), HFRM (Blue Wire).

I am replacing it with a ROTOM 36-5-370440 Run Capacitor which has only 2 terminal Locations on top with each having spots for 4 wires. I am unsure how to hook up my wires as it is a different capacitor.


The 3 terminal capacitor handles the compressor (terminal Herm) the fan (terminal fan) and C (common).

The 2 terminal capacitor only provides service for the fan motor.

Are you planning on leaving the 3 terminal in place just to handle the compressor and the 2 terminal for the fan motor?

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

I was hoping to replace the capacitor completely. I think the capacitor I have is completely shot as a grey gel has ruptured out of the side. If my ROTOM capacitor is unable replace it completely then I will have to buy one that has three terminals.

Correct..AND the microfarads must match exactly.

On the cap will be values like 35mf/5mf.....or 35uf/5uf

That means the compressor post herm will serve 35 microfarads and the fan terminal 5.

The cap must be rated correctly.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

So for a full replacement, my ROTOM is useless to me?

If I purchase a new capacitor with the same part number as my old one it should serve the same microfarad as the original. Correct?

That is correct.

I show you can use a 45/5mfd capacitorGrainger 45/5 capacitor
The one you have will not work. Make sure the herm and fan wires go to correct spots


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