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Comment: I bought and received a cased coil from budget air

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Comment: I bought and received a cased coil from budget air model # XXXXX if you tilt the coil from side to side you can here something sliding back and fourth. the coil got turned upside down and now the sliding noise is no longer present. when tilted you could here a sliding noise and a click at the end of the sliding. I am concerned that turning the coil upside down for a few seconds might have damaged what ever made this noise. the reason the coil was turner upside down was we were looking for the piston tail piece which did not come with the order and was supposed to be sent with the coil. can we make a tail piece with standard 3/8" copper tubing using a flaring tool? this 5 ton coil has check style flowrator.
Welcome to Just Answer!.

The tail piece fitting that attaches to the piston/ check valve assemble is threaded to fit the end of the check valve assembly as many are, you need the tail peice.

If its a straight solder connection you can solder it, I recommend the the 0.3 percent silver soft solder for that.. sta-brite or other brand low temperature silver bearing solder.

Send me a photo if you can via the photo there and send me its URL address.

We can go from there. I hold the question open without time limit as long as you keep rating my answers positively.



Customer: replied 4 years ago.

what about the noise coming from the coil

Hello again. No sort of jiggling or physical movement will damage the check/ metering may have just stuck slightly in one position or another, but should operate just fine when connected if it is all there and no parts are missing.

Can you tell me if the tail peice is a sweat fitting or threaded? Send photo's if you can.

We can go from there.

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

goodman was supposed to tape the tail piece to the outside of the case. I guess somebody was in a hurry because I just found the tail piece in the drip pan. that is what was making the sliding noise. problem solved thanks

Good work! You are welcome
I will put the ratings box up now, if you rate my work positively the company pays me part of your deposit, its how I make my living.


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