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Hello, I have a Lennox 13ACC-0240230-01 used for our upstairs.

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Hello, I have a Lennox 13ACC-0240230-01 used for our upstairs. In Sept. '12 the capacitor went

out. I never needed AC repairs before so I called a local company. They came out later that day

and replaced it with a Turbo 200 for $340. In March of this year, the 1st time we need it after

the winter, the system started to seem like it wasn't cooling as well, but nothing was said by

me. I had the same company come out mid April to start a maintenance agreement. They check the

units out, cleaned, etc. They also told me on my 13ACC-047-230-01 unit that the capacitor was

the incorrect size and suggested I replace it, which I had them do.
Two days ago I noticed at the breaker box a buzzing every 10 - 15 seconds. I traced it to one of

the AC breakers and then started investigating and found that the upstairs unit was blowing hot

but after about 5 or 10 minutes of the buzzing it would finally kick on and start blowing cold

air. I had the repair company come out, they said the capacitor was fine and that the Compressor

was going bad. They showed me that the LRA should be 56 amps but when it was trying to start it was going to 59 amps. He mentioned a Hard Start kit could work but it doesn't always work and I would be out the $400 for the Hard Start kit even if it didn't work.

They are recommending the following:
Replace Comp (Dry charged) - $3000
New Trane 1-2 Ton XR13 - $4415
New Trane 1-2 Ton XR15 - $4847

Also, on the 13ACC-0240230-01 unit, I noticed that the Turbo 200 is set to 45/5 and the actual size for that unit should be 40/5. If it has been running a capacitor at 45/5 since Sept '12 could that cause premature wear on the compressor?

Hello.Sorry you are having problems. My name is XXXXX XXXXX I will do my best to help.Please wait to leave rating until we are finished.The capacitor setting could have an effect. These are supposed to always be within 5% + or -. As for prices, they seem a bit high. I would get another opionion and estimate before spending that much money. As for the hard start kit, they should be willing to attempt this first and if it does not work, not charge you. This is a part that can be re used. I once had a lady call me and told me her AC guy had installed a hard start and it did not work. He removed the hard start and through it in back of his truck, still charging her for it. I am sure after he left her house he put the hard start back in his truck inventory as like I stated, these are re usable.Hope this helps. My suggestion is to get another opinion and estimate

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Hi Tim,
What do you mean by "The capacitor setting could have an effect."? That the 45/5 vs 40/5 could cause a premature wear?

Also, a buddy of mine works in HVAC a ways away from me and suggested I try a Hard Start. I just got the Supco MPR5 in today. Should I try adding it on (to the R and H)? if so, should I keep the Turbo 200 at 45/5 or change it to 40/5 first?




Thank you.

Yes if unit called foe 40uf on the compressor side. that must always be within 5%. So it can be as low as 38 or as high as 42.(Never lower or higher)
Place one wire from hard start on the center terminal and the other to one of the compressor terminals making up the 40uf
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Thank you for your help and confirmation. With the Turbo jumped at 25 + 20 its reading 42.64uf.

I assume that's ok?


I kept the Turbo at that current setting and added the hard start. The compressor kicked right off!

Yes that will be close enough. Did you install the hard start?I see you did. This should hopefully fix you up/.


Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Yes, I kept the Turbo at that current setting and added the hard start. The compressor kicked right off!


Thank you again Tim!

Thank You and let me know if I can assist further.
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