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Hi, I have a 2000 sq foot house and a Trane XE1200 3ton weathertron

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I have a 2000 sq foot house and a Trane XE1200 3ton weathertron heat pump. I live in Maryland. In the summer it's ice cold in the basement, cold on the first floor and hot on the 2nd floor. The cold air just blows pretty weakly upstairs. I've closed all the registers on the lower floors and still no real change. We set the thermostat at 73 ish and it's almost too cold on the first floor, too cold in the basement and hot upstairs. How do I get my upstairs to be pleasant without freezing in the rest of the house?

In the winter the upstairs is cold when the first floor is pleasant. Again, not much coming out of the registers upstairs. How can I fix that?

Welcome to Just Answer!.

The problem you are having is common to two story homes where it is difficult to run large enough duct work to the upstairs..

...that happens because the architect has not designed space to run larger is the fault of both the architect and the HVAC contractor.

The solution is to find space in the back side of a closet or by some other means run a much larger air duct to the upstairs area... its not an easy project in most cases.

Then after that is done, fit a separate thermostat in the upstairs to control air flow in the larger duct to control the temperature in the upstairs.

Any *good HVAC contractor can do that work for you...costs will be in the $3,000 to $5,000 range as a rule.

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