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No Nameplates

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New construction home. My condensers, gas furnaces, and evaporator units all were installed -- but none have any manufacturer/brand nameplates. I see holes where some nameplate may have gone. Is this sketchy? Normal? Does such equipment normally come without nameplates affixed, and it requires extra effort to affix them? Brand for all items is Unitary Products Group (I suspect its a secondary cheaper consortium of York, Xenon, etc.) All DO have stickers with models and serials. Just no nameplates.


Sample picture of furnace is below.


Sample piece of equipment

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You are correct about Unitary Products company... they make maybe 30% of the AC condensing units, furnaces and cooling coils sold in the US under 6 or 8 different brands.

They use the same compressors and fan motors and controls common to the industry and are about as reliable as anything else on the market.

The brand names specialize in additional bells and whistles that run the price up and provide marginally better temperature and humidity control for about twice the money... my preference is the simpler systems, they break down less frequently, are cheaper and easier to repair... and in most cases the average person will not be able to detect a difference in performance.

If you wish to rate this answer positively I can keep the question open to go into the issue in more depth.

It is not legal in most stated to sell or install equipment without name plates showing voltage, amperage, refrigerant used and SEER rating.... the minimum SEER rating is 13 in most jurisdictions... yours may be the older 12 SEER rated units, very close to the same efficiency but stripped of its name tags to hide the fact because SEER 12 or lower is not currently legal in your area.

If you can give me all of the data on the metal plate tack welded to the compressor, I can tell you the tonnage rating of the system and the refrigerant it uses.


Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Thanks Phil. The stickers that display the model, serial, refrigerant, etc are all in tact. I have all the manuals too. The only thing weird is there is no logo on them. There is a place for one, but there is not one. Its like a Ford truck with no Ford logo.


Now perhaps my brands are "no-name" since they are second tier, and maybe they never even shipped with a logo. I just don't know. It just seemed weird to me and another webforum said it may be a sign the contractor was playing warranty tricks with the manufacturer. I have no reason to believe that, but it did make me wonder why all my units have designated spaces for a logo but there are none.


In your experience, do you come across many units with no name displayed on the outside? I have never looked closely enough at other peoples units to notice if its common. Thanks!!



Hello again, most home owners buy retail from local vendors who sell branded equipment. What you have is not particularly second tier. It is generally what we call a 'builders model'.. something like buying a stripped down model of a Chevrolet.

Same engine, same frame and body work... but no chrome trim, no sun roof, no electric windows, or power ash trays, heated seats.... but as functional and durable as any other chevrolet when it comes to transportation. It is sold to builders that way in order not to drive the prices down on the branded units, it also builds.

York owns the company and sells those furnaces to many other manufacturers some of them listed in this recall notice for one of the models


If you can give me the model number of the unit from the tag you mentioned, we can check it against this recall notice and also get more data on its efficiency and features.

The most important thing with these systems is the quality of the installation, namely adequately sized duct work, sealed against leaks... that suffers badly with many home builders, it is a problem especially on two story homes.

Tell me a bit about that.

... and let me know the model numbers, we can go from there.

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Thanks Phil! I don't want to abuse your time -- you certainly earned the $30 ... I hope they give it all to you. I never used this service before -- seems pretty neat.


Home was built and purchased in 2006. Everything was new back then. 1,100 sq ft per floor.


Condensers are model XYA10301AA .. the 30 means 2.5 ton right?

(Interestingly the unit for downstairs has a hard start in it ... maybe that's it to make it start easier, but then why not do both .. i always suspected it was added because one condenser was not up to snuff but contractor never said a peep)


Basement Furnace 92% is XYF90080BU3-AB

Basement Evaporator is G2FD030H17A


Attic Furnace 80% is XYF80-U or U*L

Attic Evaporator is G1FA030S14G


I get the impression they went cheaper for the attic. Perhaps there is a scientific reason why ... maybe non-condensing with metal flue exhaust pipe is better for attics? Do most builders put the same pair for both levels, or is it normal to get a mismatched pair. (When I see mismatched things in life, I begin to think they just had the parts lying around... probably just paranoia due to my knowledge gap with HVAC)

Hello again, there is no reason to use an 80% furnace upstairs and a 92% furnace downstairs.... however, the 80% furnace is in a more difficult to service location and it will require a lot less service than the 92% downstairs,


The 92% furnace is not a builders model, it is a decent selection in fairly high efficiency range.

The design using one furnace upstairs and second furnace downstairs is far superior to many of the 2 story installations that use just one furnace... those systems have severe temperature control issues that your systems will not have.

Your condensers are indeed 2.5 tons each... that is generous sizing for most areas.

This system was not skimped on in those regards, XXXXX XXXXX that case, there would be no reason to skimp elsewhere on the duct work.

Tell me if there is a performance problem that prompted your question, we can go from there.


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