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my gas furnace blower motor stopped. ducane model cg95tco8ov16c-1a

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my gas furnace blower motor stopped. ducane model cg95tco8ov16c-1a trouble shooting light is constant red no blinking turn on fan mode and here click on electronic board. fuse on board is good. motor does not run in a/c or heating mode but everything else works. my guestion is what voltage should i read on the 12 brown lines going to motor also this is a variable speed motor. i am a retired hvac mechanic but some of this new tech gets me.

Hello.Sorry you are having problems. My name is XXXXX XXXXX I will do my best to help.Please wait to leave rating until we are finished. You will need an ecm tester as these wires are DC voltage.The motor will have 120V constant on heavy power wires, but control board sends DC signals through these small wires to tell motor controller what speed to run.Your issue can be either the circuit board. the controller on end of motor or the motor itself. The tester narrows it down to board or controller/motor. If it is the controller on end of motor, it is just about same cost to replace motor with controller complete as it is to buy just the bell or just the motor.Here is a link showing the tester required.

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Customer: replied 4 years ago.

i have the tester please tell what dc voltage on what wire and do i read the wire side of motor or board connector side

What you will do is connect the alligator clips to a 24 volt power supply and unplug the controller plug from board.Plug your tester plug in and see if the motor will run when you tell it to by the tester.There is currently not a chart available that I know of explaining the amount of Dc voltage each wire carries.