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My son just moved in today to a house in Georgia where it is

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My son just moved in today to a house in Georgia where it is hot. The Rheem 13PJL heat pump is running outside, but not cooling the house. The inside component is an RHSL-HM3617JA.

Is there a reset button he can push to make the house bearable tonoght. An HVAC person did a reset before the sale and said things were operating properly.

Oringal installation was 2010.

Not all units have a high pressure reset. But if it does it will be attached to the smaller piping in the outdoor unit.

However you say the say the unit is running...which means the switch is not tripped.

If the unit required a reset the outdoor unit would not be running,

If you feel the 2 pipes leaving the outdoor unit that go to the indoor there a temperature difference between the pipes?

Also I downloaded a manual for you HERE


Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Thanks you for the manual. I do not know if the answer I typed previously got to you.


Pipe to airhandler is cold. Low air flow from vents, with no difference between auto and fan setting.

Thank you.

Go to where the pipes enter the indoor unit, check pipe covered in black insulation and tell me if cold, wet, frosted etc....

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

copper tube running up side of indoor unit that is not covered is cold


the larger pipe that is covered in insulation does not feel cold to the touch.


there is a control on the outside of the duct. It has a large handle currently pointed straight down and a set screw. Currently this is not in the labeled "ideal position" so they are testing it now.


There is not enough air flow to rotate the damper in the duct against the weight on the arm as previously set, and forcing it open does not make a noticeble change in air flow to the vents.

I am very sorry, I lost connection and had issues.

Is it save to assume the filter is clean?
Also it appears the compressor may not be running. Are the 2 pipes the same temperature?

and what is the led lights doing in the outdoor unit on the circuit board?

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

insulated does not feel cold. Bare copper feels cold and has condensate on it. . Filter is not new, but does not look terrible.



where is the circuit board? not pictured in manual.



we have opened the damper handle to "ideal" with tape and remived filter temporarily to see if that improves things.

Circuit board is inside the outdoor unit and flashes codes for problems.

HOWEVER, if your small line is cold and the large room temp or a sign of a refrigeration issue not electrical.

If you can tell me the blink code on the defrost board in the unit I can be more specific

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

how do you get to the inside of the outdoor unit. He is having to access in the dark at this point.

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

at this point they are going to wait until morning and call someone there.

I understand.

A repair like this can be tough via a venue like this. I wish you luck

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