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Hello all. In general, is it OK to have an oversize line set,

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Hello all. In general, is it OK to have an oversize line set, 1 1/8 vs 7/8 ? I have a new Goodman 5 Ton Condenser matched with a 5 ton Coil. The Condenser has a 1 1/8 suction line while the coil is equipped to accept a 7/8 line. My thought was to reduce 1 1/8 to 7/8 at the coil. I do not see any coils which accept 1 1/8 line sets which leads me to believe reducing is probably the way most installs are done. However, that is only a guess. This is a new 410A system. Would appreciate any input on this matter. Regards, Dave
There is nothing wrong using a slightly larger line here- the size of the outlets on the equipment are minimums and do not take into account how long your linesets are, so bigger is better here as that reduces pressure losses.
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Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Thank you very much for your quick response. First time I have run in to different size fittings on condenser vs coil. Most of my experience is in install of R22 units and they have always matched. 3/8 and 7/8. I am still training on the 410A units so I was a little confused when the equipment was drop shipped today. Was not expecting the difference in line set size vs different size openings in condenser and coil. That was my only concern on the install. I am confident on the install now. Thanks again and have a great evening. Dave