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I have a Trane XL 1200 heat pump manufacture date of 5/96.

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I have a Trane XL 1200 heat pump manufacture date of 5/96. The heat pump stopped blowing hot and cold air so we called in our HVAC service and they said the compressor went out. The initial quote for replacement of the compressor was $3600.00. The justification was that they do not manufacture the compressor anymore because of the emissions these older units produce. They suggested that we get a quote for a new heat pump. Is this really the price for a new compressor or am I getting the old sales run around? I tried to research online for a new heat pump for my unit and could not find any pricing for one. Please help


I am afraid you are getting the "run around".

The compressor is still made and the refrigerants still available. This is a case of raising the repair price to make a new unit look better.

Matter if fact I could just about replace the entire unit for that price.

I would call another company for a second opinion.

If you acquire more info along the way let me know as I am available for follow up for 30 days.


Customer: replied 4 years ago.

What would a actual price I should be satisfied with of being quoted on a replacement of the compressor?


The HVAC company scheduled another appointment for tomorrow to quote us on a new unit. Should we cancel this appointment and have another company come out and quote us the compressor replacement?

I apologize as I did not know you responded until just now.

The compressor is aprox $800
Labor would be 5 hrs X $80 hr

so we are at $1200 for parts.

If refrigerant is needed less than $200

So around $1400 lets add a contingincy of taking longer or more material and add another $200....we are still at $1600.

I would get a another compressor replacement price. Many contractors just want to upgrade instead of repair.


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