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I need to purchase an ouside AC condenser to match an existing

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I need to purchase an ouside AC condenser to match an existing inside coil (previous owner never installed a condenser). The inside coil is Bryant model #: CNPVP2417ACAAAA, designed for a 2-ton condenser, installed in 2005. The furnace is the Bryant Model 355AAV and I have the Bryant Evolution programmable thermostat. I've contacted Bryant and tried to find a list of outside condensers that would work with this coil and have not had much luck. I have a professional lined up to install the condenser and lineset and an electrician to run power, but I want to purchase the condenser ahead of time. I'm looking for a list of model numbers of 2-ton condensers that would operate with my fan coil and thermostat - Bryant, Carrier, Payne are the likely brands I would purchase. Thanks.

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With a coil that old it is very possible that the coil was intended for use with refrigerant R22. It should note the refrigerant it is designed for on the coil data plate. If it is indeed an R22 coil then finding a condensing unit for it will prove to be very difficult as R22 condensers are no longer manufactured in the USA. That would be the first step in trying to find a condenser compatible with your coil. An R22 can be converted to for R410a use but it requires changing the coil refrigerant metering device. Feel free to follow up with any other questions.


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Your evaporator is an R410A (Puron) coil. The nomenclature for your coil is as follows:


N= Coil type

P= Refrigerant type Puron


P= Painted cabinet

24= 24,000btus

17= cabinet width

You should not have any issues locating a condensor. The only issue may be if you want the Bryant name, you will probably have to go through a Bryant Dealer. You can however purchase a Payne (Made by Bryant)

The model of the unit you need is a PA13NA024. Here is a link to one.You can also Google and maybe locate cheaper.


Here is a link showing the condensor matched with your evaporator coil:


Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Hi Airheatman,

Thanks for the specific response (i.e. model #). That's the unit I thought I would get. However, I was able to find the PA14NA024 condenser for almost half of the PA13NA024. It's supposedly better with a 14 seer rating. Just to confirm - is there an issue using the PA14 vs. the PA13 with my coil - I assume not as they're both 2-ton. Just wondering as there is virtually no information out there on the PA14 - probably discontinued and they're just making the PA13 and PA16. Thanks for your help. Please respond to this post and then I shall release payment. Thanks again.

According to the spec sheets on the PA14NA024, you can use it with your coil but will need to add a TDR (Time Delay Relay) for optimum efficiency.

airheatman, HVAC Technician
Category: HVAC
Satisfied Customers: 8171
Experience: Furnace, A/C and heat pump specialist.
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