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Brian HVAC Guy, HVAC Technician
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Where can I buy a replacement transformer part number 005345F

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Where can I buy a replacement transformer part number 005345F for an RP2100 heater?

Brian HVAC Guy :

Hi, I'm Brian and my goal is to diligently answer your HVAC/R questions to your complete satisfaction!
I have found the manual on your heater and the transformer is a very common one. I did a quick search for the Raypak OEM transformer but didn't find one in the short time I looked. That transformer can be replaced with many different aftermarket transformers as long as you match up the voltage and VA rating and the physical size fits where the existing one is mounted. May I ask what happened to the original transformer?

Brian HVAC Guy :

I see that you have entered and left our chat a couple of times. Chat acts up here occasionally. I am going to switch to QA mode and we will have better luck there.


I wanted a direct replacement because I could find no volt-amp ratings in the transformer, and even if I replaced it with a clearly larger one, I'd have the problem of mounting it. Also the whole heater is wired up so it would be a great nuisance to me to determine if the primary was connected to 120 or 240 volts. Yes, I can do all these things (I am an engineer) but I hoped to avoid a hassle.


I am sorry that I am so busy I can,t just stay glued to this conversation


I also failed to tell you the symptoms: Simply, volts on the primary fail to produce volys at the secondary.


Please let me know if there is anything else you can tell me. I will rate you when you get back to me with a better rating than I'm giving you now. You did for me what the system expects of you, but it was not what I was looking for. You obviously know your business.

Ok I have switched to the QA mode of communication. How can I help further with your transformer problem?
I will research this more and try to find the OEM part. I have the wiring diagram and manual for your heater and can help in choosing, mounting and wiring an after market transformer if you were to decide to go that route.

Ok, I have researched the part number and that transformer has been obsoleted by Raypak and replaced with P/N 006736F. I cannot determine anywhere what the VA rating of these transformers are so replacing with an aftermarket transformer would be a best guess and I would choose a 50VA transformer based on the wiring diagram and controls installed on the unit.

Here is the link to the manual for your unit:

Here is a link for that P/N It is the only one I could find: (it does not confirm that this is the obsoleted part)

Here is a link for the replacement obsolete part P/N 006736:

Again, an aftermarket transformer with the same voltage options can be found for a lot cheaper (somewhere around $20) and I could help with the wiring if you choose that. Is there any other questions/concerns that I can help you with?

Brian HVAC Guy and other HVAC Specialists are ready to help you
I apologize for the response time and understand if you are busy. It would appear we are having some technical difficulties here as I just now got your last two chat posts. I have changed to the Q/A format and hopefully that will work better for us. I will be on and off here today and tomorrow for your needs. Thanks, Brian
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

You gave me information in the way Just Ask tells you to. Unfortunately, this was not what I was looking for; I wanted to buy the exact replacement part or find if it were no longer available. If you can't do this, let me know; I'll rate you on the basis of what you thought was the kind of response needed.

After reading your reasons for wanting the exact replacement I understand your desire to find the exact part. The part has been obsoleted by Raypack. I searched at length to find that exact P/N hoping it was still available and found what appeared to be a valid link to it with a vendor that claimed to have it in stock:

I also gave you a link for the Raypak factory replacement P/N for your obsoleted transformer at the lowest price I could find which should be an exact fit for your unit:

I'm not sure if you are not receiving all of my posts, I know other customers have reported issues with my posts not being seen today too. It was my intent to offer you all of the options I thought could help you with your transformer issue. I apologize if I seemed to be leading you in a direction you weren't comfortable with.


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