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gotoman for ac
gotoman for ac, HVAC Technician
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I have been working on a Coaire mini split system 2ton heat

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I have been working on a Coaire mini split system 2ton heat pump. The little tank next to the compressor(accumulator) starts freezing up. ( it looks like little snowflakes) once the tank is completely covered it stops working, however the compressor continues to run. This happens whether the air conditioner is on or if the heat pump is on.

gotoman for ac : Russ here.. How is the fan
gotoman for ac : Sorry fan speed on inside

its working on high speed normal cooling mode

gotoman for ac : Have you checked coi
gotoman for ac : Have you checked coil inside to see if it is dirty.

the coil is fine. Its brand new. Everything started ...when installed there was a leak, so the freon was lost. there was a crack on the copper line. It was soldered and then recharged with freon. Ever since then, the freezing ztarted. Do you think its is overcharged or maybe needs add'l freon.

gotoman for ac : How long does it run before it starts freezing up. russ

8 to 12 mins, but only that little tank(filter looking tank) freezes. The unit continues running but will not cool or heat anymore after that.

gotoman for ac : What is the refrigeranr pressure. R 22 or 410 A refrigerant

410 A



gotoman for ac : ok do you kno pressure while riining
gotoman for ac : sorry while running
gotoman for ac : Be offline for 20 minutes be right back, Pressure depending on inside temp should be 120PSI, Russ

Inside temperature was @ 65 and pressure was @ 123 psi

gotoman for ac : Do you still need help. Russ



If you do not know the answer please let me know so I can continue looking.

gotoman for ac : 123 psi is close . It sounds overcharged. Can you recover some refrigerant. Pressure should be about 116 psi at that temp
gotoman for ac : Best way to charge system is to weigh it in. Did you do any welding on system.

Nope no welding. Thanks, XXXXX XXXXX you are right.

gotoman for ac : Hope I was helpful. The reason I ask about welding is that we install mini splits everyday and the manufacturer request no welding to be done because it might cause a restriction in line. Thanks oprn for any other questions and sorry it took so long . The server I used crashed and had to go to next building to get back with you. If you do not mind please rate at least good service. We do not get paid if you do not. Russ

no problem Thank you again...

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