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I have a Goodman GMNT080-4 gas furnace and it is only seven

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I have a Goodman GMNT080-4 gas furnace and it is only seven year old. Its vent motor was last replaced Feb, 2011 by the company who originally installed the furnace in 2005. Now it is getting bad again and I have to frequently re adjust the three motor mounting screws in order to free rotor. I just bought a replacement motor from an internet firm and I intend to do the replacement myself. Although there are only 5 screws for mounting assembly to the fire box plus the two c-clamps that connect to the vent pipe, but there are two circles with arrows and numbers located on the 1 o'clock position; what are they for? I noticed a rotation arrow stamped on the unit and the current unit is correctly rotated. I also noticed a lot of heat in the vent motor area, is it possible this thermo accumulation caused the loosening of the three vent motor mounting screws? Is it sensible to mount a small fan on the front grill of the removable service panel to help to remove some of the heat? Since connectors are close by, I can wire the little fan to cycle with blower motor. Thanks for your help in advance. Andy XXXX e-mail:[email protected] goodma

Those stampings are for mfr use to id the unit and have no bearing on anything. Vibration usually causes loosening and you can double up the nuts to prevent that. You can add a small fan to keep that motor cooler, but I do not know how effective that would be in making it last longer-all you can do is try and see the result over time.

If the blower wheel is that close to the housing where it rubs then you may need to move the wheel on the shaft or space the blower mounting with a few flat washers.
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Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Double up what nuts, more than 3 nuts from the venting motor or more than 5 nuts from the venting motor assembly to the fire box?

The ones that loosen up on you. If not enough threads to do so then use some loc-tite.

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