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Carrier model 58MCB060-12. Frequently when inducer motor comes

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Carrier model 58MCB060-12. Frequently when inducer motor comes on there is a gurgling sound and error code 31 displayed. Inducer motor will run for several minutes and then shut. Will come back on in about 10 minutes to do the same thing. Sometimes on gurgling and burners actually ignite and main blower comes on. No problem maintaining house temp but gurgling and frequent running of inducer motor has me concerned. Had repair person out twice without resolving issue. First time water added to condensate trap. Second time he installed a restrictor plate on intake pipe. What else can I try?

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Customer: replied 4 years ago.

sorry tim, it said you were offline

The problem you are having is with your condensate drainage system. It consists of some rubber hoses inside your furnace and a trap in the blower compartment that cause your condensate to drain. You need to take these all apart and flush everything with warm water and reassemble.
You can see more of the condensate system in this manual.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

The service person I had investigate disconnected all of the rubber hoses and inspected them. The only thing he did not do was remove the condensate trap mounted on the side of the furnace. The way it was installed makes it difficult to remove. The installer ran PVC pile to the output of the trap. Is the trap what should be replaced?

I think the page to look for is page 9 of the manual. You may want to save the file to your desktop and then open it as it will be easier to read, then. It shows the hoses and trap all of which need to be flushed out with hot water and then reassembled.
Regardless of what the service person did, your condensate system is not draining properly and it could be plugged just about anywhere which is why I recommend flushing out all the parts and pieces of it. This is a common problem.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

okay, will attempt this. Figure 7 on page 9 is the configuration I have.


One more thought, if it is plugged, how does that explain that it does not exhibit this problem all the time?

It could be partially plugged and may not occur until the condensate builds up a bit. Make sure all piping is angled downwards to the drain. It's like any gravity drain system; it has to be angled downward towards the drain. I think you'll be surprised at the gunk you flush out!
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Customer: replied 4 years ago.

This did not end up fixing the issue. I left the furnace cover off and noticed the inducer motor housing bulges slightly simultaneously with the gurgling noises. Any further ideas?

The gurgling noises is water building up in the inducer housing. That water is designed to be taken out by your condensate drainage system. Something is causing that system to not drain properly. Unfortunately, that goes back to the system of hoses and the trap and piping that we originally talked about. You may want to also check your exhaust venting to make sure that is clear.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
OK, thanks for the quick reply. by exhaust, are you referring to the 2 in diameter vent pipe?
Yes, that pipe may also have some kind of drain on it. Also make sure all pipes are sloping downward. You know, I don't know the history of this unit, but it may not have been set up properly to begin with. Also, working somewhat in the dark here as I'm not there so I can't see what all you've done, etc. Besides rinsing out the hoses, I'd also check the "barb" they attach to to make sure that is clean. You may even end up taking off the inducer motor to check that out thoroughly. It's definitely something in the condensate drainage system as that system is what is designed to drain out all this water.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

I threw in the towel and called a service person to come out. He replaced the inducer motor/housing as he thought the bearing was going bad. He is coming back today because I'm still getting error code 31. I hope we can somehow clean/inspect the vent too the roof first we have to figure out which vent on the roof is from my unit.

OK, thanks for the update. Keep me posted.

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