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Comfortmaker Furnace with a two speed fan. the error code is

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Comfortmaker Furnace with a two speed fan. the error code is 7 flashes. ( Soft Lockout,Main Limit open too long.) Wondering if this could be the thermostat problem (25 years old with battery)
No, error codes are specific to problems internal to the furnace. The main limit may be bad or tripping due to poor air flow that causes the unit to overheat so the limit opens. If airflow is good and all is clean then try a new limit. It mounts on the wall of the furnace and sticks into the air stream. It is usually mounted on what looks like a small board with 2 wire terminals.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

I notice the fans are not running at all they do not kick in once the burners have heatd up. Wondering if this could be the old thermostat on it's last legs

No, the furnace turns the blower on in heat, so you have a blower or control board problem here. Only by using a voltmeter to make some tests will the fault be known for certain.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

I have fuses that were left by a technician several years ago am wondering if it could be the 5 (amp) fuse lol but I can't locate the box

No, if that fuse were out the whole unit would not run-not just the blower.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Ok Guess I will get a technician in to rectify this problem. Thanks for the great help

No problem- thanks and good luck w/ this. It never hurts to see if there was anything simple that you could have done first instead of finding out about it after calling someone out.
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