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Our CU5830-C175 is leaking a little bit out of a drain box

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Our CU5830-C175 is leaking a little bit out of a drain box that attaches to the right side of the lower part of the unit (as you look at it) about a foot off the floor. There s a pvc 1 inch pipe that runs vertically down and connects via a T-joint to the drain box. The pvc pipe continues on down to the floor and over to a drain in the floor. So I am supposing that the pvc pipe is collecting drain water from the the leaky box as well as from up higher on the unit.
The drain box has two quarter inch outlets on it which have rubber caps on them. The leak is occurring from around one of the caps.
What should I do to fix the problem?
get a hose clamp and put it on the cap. If the cap has deteriorated then just get a piece of rubber tubing and fold it over on itself and use another clamp to pinch it off. This is a simple issue that requires an equally simple fix. If the port has cracked that the cap goes on then some 5 minute epoxy can be used to seal it up but it will need to be dry before attempting this.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

The cap does not look like it has deteriorated at all. I was concerned about closing off the port permanently but you are confirming that this would be okay - please confirm. Why was it designed this way in the first place, do you know? It seems a bit pointless. Is there no need at all to keep the port available to be opened for drainage?

Ports are there for pressure readings which really never need to be done; the furnace does not know how a port is blocked off, so do whatever you want to in order to stop the leak as it makes no functional difference to anything.
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