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My Lennox G60UH(X) Series furnace is experiencing problems

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My Lennox G60UH(X) Series furnace is experiencing problems indicated by the alternating fast blink. These problems began when I changed the filter. I noticed that my filter was filling up, so I put in another one that had been changed out before. I wasn't sure how full it was but it didn't look too clogged. A few hours later I noticed that my furnace had stopped running. I noticed the alternating fast blinking lights. I put in the filter backwards (because I thought perhaps I had put it in incorrectly) and reset it. It worked for a time and then stopped.

I put in the filter that had been in there before and reset it. I even vacuumed the particles out of the filter. It worked for a time and then quit again. I took the filter out completely and reset it. As I am writing this now, the furnace is working properly but with no filter inside. I am afraid that even with a new filter, it will stop working again.

Can a clogged filter cause this type of furnace to switch off to preserve the motor? Hopefully the problem can be solved if I get a brand new filter (it's Sunday morning and I'm waiting for the stores to open).
A clogged filter causes the furnace to run too hot- the motor is not the issue. get some new filters and replace them when needed. throw-away filters are exactly that- they cannot be cleaned to be re-used.
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Customer: replied 4 years ago.

I appreciate the quick response - I know that the filter must be changed frequently. However, it was working fine before the filter was changed initially, so I want to eliminate the possibility that there was another cause. I will change the filter and if it runs properly for 24 hours I will give your response a positive rating.


Thank you.

there is always a possibility that something else is going on, but it seems too coincidental. thanks
Customer: replied 4 years ago.



It seems after four days of working correctly with the new filter in place, my furnace shut off again this afternoon. Is there any other simple maintenance I can try in order to get it working again? I know that it CAN work properly, so perhaps there is something else dusty or dirty that I can clean to get it working?




A dirty blower wheel moves much less air than it should. If you have central a/c then a dirty evaporator coil can restrict air flow as well. The blower wheel is fairly easy to access and clean as the whole blower assembly slides out of the furnace. The evap coil is something only a technician could clean properly.

If these parts are clean then it is possible that the hi-limit switch is out of range and shutting down the furnace unnecessarily. Thanks
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Are there any videos available that could assist me in cleaning the blower wheel?