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this is in relation to wayne blue angel oil burners model hs.

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this is in relation to wayne blue angel oil burners model hs. I am having problems with oil shooting out of the nozzle after shut down. A little back ground. I pulled the unit out of the furnace. I changed the nozzle , new electrodes , replaced the pump because pressure was 100 psi running dropped to 70 psi off. after shutoff the oil continues to run out of the nozzle. now the unit is still out of the furnace with no feed line hooked up. I have been adding oil with a tube and funnel to the inlet port. Is the fact that the input line is not attached causing the continued leaking after shut down? It is a one pipe system with a webster pump. I dont want to put it back in because I cant see if oil continues after shut down when it is in the unit. thank you for your time
I will do my best to help you with your issue

The pump typically stops the flow to the nozzle when the burner shuts down but there can be a few drips after shut down. There is no check valve because this check valve would also stop the flow when the pump is running. The only sure fire positive way to stop any flow after shut down is to install a solenoid valve. I can't address your question about your test set up since it's not typical and I have to way to know if these unusual methods are the cause of the problem.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

thanks for viewing . I already tried solenoid valve. I was wondering if this is whats called a slow feed because I did not bleed the pump. I will try putting the burner back in the furnace and hook it up .

If you have a solenoid then you should be fine. The solenoid is a positive shut off. Like I said before I can't address your testing method because it's nothing like what I'm familiar with
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