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"Filter" keeps flashing on the thermostat control screen

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The word "filter" keeps flashing on the thermostat control screen. I've changed the filters. It still flashes when the filters are removed. What do I need to do?


There is likely a reset procedure to clear the filter indicator. What brand of thermostat do you have?

Most thermostats just have a timer that tells when to change the filter. The timer has to be reset once the indicator lights up. The procedure is different for almost every thermostat brand, but should be in the owners manual. If you tell me what thermostat you have I'll help you find the right procedure.

Customer :
The thermostat is a Honeywell.

MattR757 :
Does it have a button with the letter i above the temperature buttons?

JACUSTOMER-euz322oo- :
Yes. The make is a Honeywell chronotherm iv plus

MattR757 :
Ok. - To reset the filter indicator you press the "i" button until you see the filter indicator - It will show 0 days left - then press the time up button (next to the wake button) to reset the timer the 0 - then press run program

you have to press the i button more than once to cycle through the different options

JACUSTOMER-euz322oo- :
'Filter" has stopped flashing, but it appears now that a program has been set. Thanks for your help. We will have our local hvac tech reprogram our thermostat when he comes for the summer checkup.

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you can press the hold button to bypass the program and just use the temp up and down buttons to set your desired temperature. As long as the word HOLD is in the display the thermostat doesn't follow the program.