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I have A carrier 125,000 BTU gas furnace (model 58 GS 125-2

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I have A carrier 125,000 BTU gas furnace (model 58 GS 125-2 Series 201 and Serial# XXXXX 27493) motor seized up - pulled it - got it cleaned (re-furbished - oiled)...looked great - moved freely....installed it ....and things ran great for a day.

Now the fan would not kick on (like before), but now I hear a click of the two "Solenoids"????? on the computer it is trying to engage.

Observation: The blk wire to the fan coupling did look blackened -but not melted or beyond plugging back in....Now I follow it to the computer board...and it is blackened as though it got hot (wire protector was brittle & fell off wire when pulled off the board...

I'm thinking one or both of these solenoids are shot (due to the original problem of fan seizure)....

Question: just replace computer board entirely or the two "solenoids"??....And where would I get these parts (live in Portland, Or)....? Rich @ [email protected] Thanks!

You will need to replace the entire board. The individual parts are not available and the repair of the circuit board is frowned upon.

You will be able to obtain this board from any Carrier, Bryant or Payne dealer. You can also purchase online if you wish.

Customer: replied 5 years ago.
I kinda thought the parts & board would be obsolete seeing it was from the 80's....BUt I'm afraid asking just a carrier dealer - I might get the answer - they are unavailable ....which leaves me w/o any alternative......You mentioned online purchase....Is there a way to know (for sure) that the board is available or (that one that will work is available)...? I would be very satisfied if I could go to a link or at know that there is a working board that would fit my need....I guess being more specific would be come monday I can track one down - and fix the problem...? Thanks Rich
see here -

the clear relays are gone
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Can I order this direct.....? Or do I need to be a licensed HVAC Dude...? In which case...
any ideas on how to get one...(if I need a license to purchase)...? Thanks Rich (this is perfect by the way).
You can many places online.

The part number is XXXXX

see example -

also very your number on your board.

Customer: replied 5 years ago.
WOW!!.....What A difference in price....!!
$77 VS $194

Should I suspect one is built better....although they look the same....?

You have most can I finish the transaction....? Rich
Most of the info I supply is just

You can find many price differences just like shopping at a store. They are all the same...just different companies buy different amounts....some dont even stock them but order when you do.

The shortys is a good place to do business with.

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