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Edenpure heater won't turn on. What could be wrong?

Customer Question

My Edenpure heater will not turn on. It is model #  A4137. The outlet is working. It will beep when plugged in and power turned on, but the heater will not power up. The filter has been cleaned regularly. It is located in my wife's office, and she said that it just simply stopped running and would not start up after that. What should I check?

Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: HVAC
Expert:  Thehvacguy replied 5 years ago.


There is an internal thermal protection for this unit. Edenpure suggests if this happens unplug the unit and after it cools it will reset. Re-apply power to the unit. If the unit still fails to work, contact customer support. You have a five year warranty. Here is there customer service contact site. There are no field repairs for this unit

Customer Service Toll Free (888) 473 - 5777

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